Perfect 👌 Ways to Style 😎 Your Swimsuit 👙 out of the Pool 💦 ...

There are lots of ways to style your swimsuit. We all have our swimsuits lying around in our closets waiting to be worn again, but how often do we hit the beach? Here is a list of looks you can pull off with your swimsuit. Each of these ways to style your swimsuit will make you the best looking girl in town.

1. Layer with a T-shirt

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This is one of my favorite ways to style your swimsuit. To look super chic and effortless try wearing a plain t-shirt under your bikini top and pair it with suitable bottoms. It looks like a usual top but draws much attention to your quirky style. You can coordinate the color depending upon your bikini, but when in doubt pair it with a white t-shirt. Also, don't shy away from experimenting. You can replace the t-shirt with a plain shirt or a top to make it a bit more dressy.

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