What Does Your Fashion Style Say about You ?

By Lucy

Each person has their own approach to fashion and their own taste when it comes to shopping! Your general sense of style can tell others a few things about who you are as a person and vice versa with the fashion style others have!

Which style best describes your approach to fashion?

1 Preppy

clothing, sleeve, dress, outerwear, fashion, You know you're a preppy dresser if you love high waisted skirts, tucked in shirts with cropped blazers! Your fashion style says that you love to look well-presented and neat at all times. You love pieces that work together to form one cohesive outfit!

2 Edgy

clothing, footwear, leather, boot, fashion, Those with an edgy sense of style will tend to wear bold pieces such as leather jackets, ripped jeans and boots. Your fashion style says that your a fashion risk-taker with a keen eye for dramatic styles and colours. You love trendy pieces that give you an edge from everyone else!

3 Classic

black, clothing, spring, fashion, dress, Classic dressers will wear pieces such as black handbags, black pumps with a contrasting monochromatic outfit. Your fashion styles says that you love a timeless look which you can wear time and time again and know that it will always be a fashion statement!

4 Fashionable

clothing, human positions, sitting, leg, lady, You know you're a fashionable dresser when you're constantly flicking through the latest magazines to keep updated with the latest fashion trends! Your fashion style says that you love to fit in with the current style and trends and always have the newest, latest pieces in your wardrobe.

5 Girly

white, clothing, sleeve, spring, fashion, Someone with a girly fashion sense will have a keen eye for ultra feminine pieces like cardigans, knit jumpers, pleated skirts and dresses in soft, pastel shades. Your fashion style says that you prefer a subtle, easy-on-the-eye approach to fashion for an overall effortless and gorgeous look!

6 Bold

clothing, red, dress, costume, fashion, Anyone with a bold fashion sense will have plenty of pieces in bright, vibrant shades from cobalt blue to fire-engine red! Your fashion style says that you're also a risk-taker who loves to try anything daring that guarantees you'll stand out from the crowd! You also love pieces in different prints and patterns.

7 Carefree

clothing, person, denim, glasses, fashion, Those with a carefree fashion sense will wear whatever they want, whenever they feel like it! Your fashion style says that you don't feel pressure to wear certain pieces that might be considered 'in' at the time, plus you like to feel comfortable and relaxed in your clothes!

8 Modern

clothing, photograph, image, blue, girl, Modern dressers will have pieces such as denim shorts and dresses with various cut-outs. Your fashion style says that you're are all about the current fashion and finding pieces that represent the modern-day girl while looking super trendy!

9 Moody

clothing, black, footwear, fashion, spring, You know you're a moody dresser when basically all the pieces in your wardrobe are black or dark, ominous colours! Your fashion style says that you're a firm believer that one can never have too much black as it's the most versatile colour for clothes!

10 Sophisticated

clothing, fashion, spring, season, outerwear, A sophisticated dresser will have plenty of formal suits, fitted blazers and skirts of a modest length. Your fashion style says that you're someone who likes to dress appropriately for the occasion and chooses pieces that will make you look both classy and sophisticated!

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