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What Type of Style Icon Are You

By Leena

Every girl has her own style. And that style can be defined in a way that gives it meaning. Some girls love wearing skirts and dresses, while others are more comfortable in jeans. And while you wouldn't tell someone that your style can be described as "jeans," you would use a term that would explain to them your fashion preferences. Here are 10 examples of style terms that can be used to describe a girl's fashion sense. Which style icon are you?

Table of contents:

  1. Feminine
  2. Sporty
  3. Bohemian
  4. Eccentric
  5. Conservative
  6. Urban
  7. Trendy
  8. Edgy
  9. Provocative
  10. Casual

1 Feminine

If you're a total girlie girl, your style is probably feminine. You love flowers, and lace, and heels, and you feel prettiest when wearing a skirt or a dress. You're drawn to pinks and purples, as well as lighter neutrals.

2 Sporty

Your style might be sporty if you love wearing workout clothes. If you're athletically inclined and prefer biker shorts to cut off denim, you have a sporty style. Even when you aren't hitting the gym, you like to sport a pair of sneakers and running pants.

3 Bohemian

Has anyone ever called you a hippie because of the way you dress? If so, your style might be bohemian. The boho look is all about loose, flowy pieces and resembles the style of a hippie. Many girls with bohemian style love flat sandals, headbands across their forehead, floppy hats and loose fitting bottoms.

4 Eccentric

A girl with eccentric style is a very confident person. This is because having an eccentric sense of fashion means wearing bold, daring pieces that make you stand out in a crowd. You love to mix prints and wear bright colors. You probably look up to (and wear pieces from) fashion designer Betsey Johnson.

5 Conservative

The girl with conservative style doesn't like showing a lot of skin. She loves pencil skirts and blazers, and often pairs those pieces with a classic button down shirt. Pumps are a favorite shoe style. You see a lot of girls who work in an office wearing conservative outfits.

6 Urban

If you're all about baggy pants, sneakers and crop tops, you might be an urban girl. You probably don't like wearing dresses or skirts, and you prefer a more tomboy look. In the colder months, an urban girl is known to sport a beanie hat and over sized baggy sweatshirt.

7 Trendy

Do you try to keep up with the latest trends? Are you always looking through magazines and searching online for the hottest styles? You are probably a trendy girl. The girl with trendy style wears whatever is popular, whatever the "cool kids" are wearing.

8 Edgy

Edgy style is all about black. And leather. And an overall "dark" vibe. Girls with an edgy style might look to rock musicians for inspiration. They don't like to stand out in a crowd, so they hide behind dark colored clothing.

9 Provocative

Girls with provocative style love showing skin. They're all about high cut skirts, low cut tops and pieces that are sheer and tight fitting.The provocative girl wears heels most of the time and looks up to Kim Kardashian for her style.

10 Casual

You love wearing jeans and a t-shirt. You're all about comfort. Your style is as American as apple pie. If this sounds like you, your style is casual. Nothing beats a classic "girl next door" look.

You might find that your style can actually be described using more than one of these terms. Some girls like to mix things up and keep their wardrobe ever-changing. As you go through different seasons in life (college, corporate America, marriage), your style will probably change. Which of these style terms do you think most represents your fashion sense today?

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