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What Will Your Dream Wedding Gown Look like?

By Sheila

If you're anything like me, you probably go "Oo and "Aah" at the sight of every gorgeous wedding gown, then imagine yourself in it, and dream about it until the end of time. Whether you're married, engaged, or far from tying the knot, these stunning wedding dresses will make you weak in the knees. Ready to see if your dream wedding gown is on the list?

1 From Monique Lhuillier's Collection

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2 Pretty Ruffles at the Bottom

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3 Carolina Herrera's Simple and Sweet Silhouette

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4 Mermaid Style

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5 Gorgeous Lace Back

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6 "Blush"ing Bride

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7 Watercolor Wedding Dress

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8 Stunning in Grey

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9 Short and Sweet

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10 Loving That Train!

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11 Fit for a Princess

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12 Pink and Purple

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13 Pretty in Pastels

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14 Sheer Sleeves

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15 Beaded Beauty

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16 Vintage Inspired

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17 Bohemian Twist

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18 Make a Statement

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19 Minimalist Details

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20 Illusion Neckline

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21 Elie Saab

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22 Baby Blue

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23 Black Beauty

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24 Dramatic Ruffles

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25 Can You Say Stunning?


26 20s Inpired

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27 Radiant

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28 Shine Bright like a Diamond

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29 An Absolute Vision

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30 Tea Length Perfection

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