What Your Favorite Flower Says about Your Style ...


What  Your Favorite Flower Says about Your Style ...
What  Your Favorite Flower Says about Your Style ...

Mae West said “I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds around my neck”. When we evoke Mae West, we can well imagine that roses would be her favorite flower, and that her style reflected that. How does your favorite flower reflect your style? Let’s take a look.

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flower, pink, rose, flower bouquet, rose family, You have an eye for classic beauty, and you love to surround yourself with beautiful things. You are a romantic who loves candle-lit dinners. You value tradition too, such as holidays and family dinners. Your preferred style is classic cuts and timeless pieces.



flower, plant, white, gardenia, flowering plant, You love the exotic, and that includes travelling; and you have an aura of mystery about you. Kaftans and embroidered brocades are your preferences.


Water Lily

flower, flora, plant, aquatic plant, petal, As well as being dignified and elegant, you are a nurturing soul. You are respected by those around you. Sometimes your emotions can run out of control, but you can turn to your natural creative abilities to help you get grounded. You are creative, and take pride in your personal relationships and achievements. Your style is classic, and you tend to turn heads when you walk into a room.



plant, flower, flora, flowering plant, moth orchid, You have a small circle of close friends, but that circle is strong. You are a bit reserved, and can seem dreamy to others, but can speak your mind when you feel you should. You are a natural humanitarian, and love a good mystery. You are also very organized, and enjoy order rather than chaos. Worldly and exotic, your appearance is important to you, and as such your style vacillates between flowing outfits, and simple T-shirts and shorts.



flower, oxeye daisy, daisy, plant, daisy family, Always optimistic, you’re always up for a bit of fun, and laugh easily. You are the life of the party, and often end up making everybody around you laugh. You have many friends, and treasure them all. Unpretentious, you enjoy outdoor sports and activities, and don’t mind getting down and dirty. As an uncomplicated person, your style is minimal; not given to a lot of accessories and froufrou stuff.



flower, pink, flowering plant, cut flowers, carnation, You are a natural leader, realistic, strong, and good at organizing. You are driven and determined, and will work hard to get things done your way. You enjoy creating a comfort zone for yourself, ensuring security for yourself and yours. Traditional and reserved, your style is classic, but you have the occasional trendy piece in your wardrobe.



flower, pink, flowering plant, flower arranging, spring, Poppies represent pleasure, imagination, peace and wealth and success. This sums you up very well, as you are refined, classy and enjoy the good things in life. You are all about pleasure, and enjoy giving it as well as receiving it. You have a knack for style and a good eye for detail. You are resilient, and keep a cool head about you during crises. Your style can be seen to be expensive, and you dress impeccably. People envy the stylish dresser that is you.



flower, pink, flowering plant, plant, flora, If you’re a ‘mum’ person, just the tip of the iceberg is visible to those around you. Just when they think they have you figured out, they discover another layer of your nature that lay hidden. You focus well, and take emotions seriously, both yours and others. You’re intuitive, and tend to cut right to the chase of an issue. People come to you to analyze a situation, and you are able to provide them with clarity. You are appreciated for your honesty, and for your ability to resolve seemingly complicated matters. Your style is eclectic, as you are interested in everything, and your style represents your natural curiosity. Both you and others never know what you may choose on any particular day.



flower, lilac, purple, plant, flowering plant, This flower symbolizes daydreaming, and the white violet modesty. This explains your introverted nature. You are the type to fly below the radar, and it takes a while for you to open up to people; but boy when you do, do they get a surprise! Your style is minimalist, as you prefer to be low key, and not the centre of attention.

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