What's Wrong with a Thong ?


What's  Wrong with a Thong ?
What's  Wrong with a Thong ?

Of all of the different kinds of underwear, the thong is probably the most talked about and controversial. Sisqo sang an iconic song about them in the 90s and buying your first one always feels like a big life moment and a step into adulthood. However, thongs might look great and make you feel sexy, but they can also pose a few more problems than more accommodating and comfortable underwear out there. Here are some things you should know before committing to thongs!

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There is a bigger risk of chafing with thongs compared to other underwear, simply because the tighter, closer nature of the fabrics on your sensitive areas can cause more friction than usual. Just imagine dental floss going up and down repeatedly in your crack!


Problematic Fabric

Thongs are intended to be something you wear for ‘sexy times’, which means that they aren’t always made from the best and most recommended fabrics. You will find lots more mesh and polyester than breathable cotton which is much more ideal for your downstairs area!



To put it delicately, things tend to get much closer to the crown jewels when you are wearing a thong, which means that there is much bigger risk of bacteria growing and spreading. Of course, you don’t me to tell you that you shouldn’t be wearing any type of underwear two days in a row.


Not Guaranteed Infection

But having said that, it’s important to remember that infection isn’t something that is certain with a thong! If your vagina is in good health and you make sure to give yourself time out to air it out, then you should be fine!


Not the Only Option

No matter what the trends might be in fashion or what your friends are wearing, you just need to remember that thongs aren’t the only option! At the end of the day, your underwear isn’t seen by anyone but you for the majority of the time, so just go with the most comfortable option rather than what you think the most popular one is!

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If you try to squeeze into a thong that isn’t exactly your size, you might run the risk of the tight, stringy fabric cutting into your skin and causing irritation, and in other cases cutting off circulation around your upper thighs. Neither of those things are particularly desirable!



At the end of the day, thongs can just be really flipping uncomfortable! Don’t feel pressure to wear them just because everyone else is. It is okay to put your personal comfort ahead of looking sexy or on trend! Trust me, if you wear a thong all day, the first thing on your mind when coming home is getting that first opportunity to take it off!

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Thongs are the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn. Who wants to be picking a wedgie all day? Plus you need a thong to avoid panty lines in any type of pant besides jeans. Boy shorts don’t stay in place at all. You don’t feel your thong at all!

I LOVE thongs,g-strings too,I love feeling sexy af under my clothes,makes me feel powerful and feminine

@Thelma62913 Agree!

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