25 Winter Clothing Hacks That Will Help You Survive the Cold Weather ...

By Teresa

25 Winter Clothing Hacks That Will Help You Survive the Cold Weather ...

It can be hard to survive winter, especially when it lasts as long as it does. Even if you don't have to spend a lot of time outside, finding clothes that keeps you warm but fashionable isn't always easy. Thankfully, with these clothing hacks, your life will be made me so much easier during those freezing winter months! Whether they help you stay warm or just look cute, you'll be surprised by just how helpful these winter clothing hacks are!

1 Tights under Jeans

Via 31 Clothing Tips & Tricks ...
Not only will this tip keep you warm, but it also adds a little bit of style!

2 Give Your Sweaters New Life

Via The Secret to Removing that ...
This tip is a lifesaver for your clothes!

3 Easy Boots

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This tip makes it so much easier to wear boots!

4 Remove Salt Stains

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How many boots have you lost to those pesky salt stains? That won't be the case anymore!

5 DIY Leg Warmers

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Use an old sweater to make adorable leg warmers!

6 New Scarf

Via 31 Clothing Tips & Tricks ...
Make an old scarf new with this new way to knot it!

7 New Suede Shoes

Via How to Clean Suede Shoes
Your old suede shoes will look completely new with these tips!

8 DIY Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are in style right now, and this makes it easy to make them yourself!

9 Shoe Inserts

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These shoe inserts are absolutely perfect for surviving winter!

10 Quick and Easy Boot Socks

Via Quick and Easy Boot Socks
If you love the look but hate the bulk, this DIY is perfect for you.

11 Sweaters into Slippers

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This DIY might look complicated, but it's actually pretty simple!

12 Yoga Shrug

Via jmaccknit :: Demi Shrug Black
If you love yoga but can't find a way to stay warm doing it during the winter, this is perfect for you!

13 Beat Static

Via 11 Holiday Style Hacks to ...
Pin a safety pin to your clothes to completely cut down on static!

14 Scarves on Scarves on Scarves

Via More Scarf Tying
This gives you so many ways to tie scarves!

15 Fix Your Leather

Via 26 Fashion Hacks Every Woman ...
Scratched leather is no fun and this will help fix that!

16 Bejewelled Beanie DIY

Via 15 Chic Winter Fashion DIYs ...
I love this idea to dress up a plain beanie!

17 Foil Ball

Via Check out this life hack!
Throw this in your dryer and completely eliminate static in the winter!

18 How to Clean Your Timberland Boots

Via How to Clean Your Timberland ...
If you love Timberlands in the winter but hate when they get dirty, this is the hack for you!

19 DIY Mittens

Via 36 Cold Weather Hacks to ...
Make your own mittens!

20 Mitten Clips

Via 15 Easy Fashion Hacks, Tips ...
Use mitten clips to hold your pants in place when wearing boots!

21 Homemade Hand Warmers

Via Holiday Gift Idea: Hand Warmer ...
These homemade hand warmers are perfect for long commutes!

22 Old T-Shirt=Cute Scarf

Via lindsathy loves: t-shirt necklace
Take an old t-shirt and turn it into a gorgeous scarf!

23 DIY Head Wrap

Via 32 Brilliant DIY Anthropologie Knockoffs ...
This head wrap looks just like one from Anthropologie with the small price of a DIY project!

24 Get Pen Stains out

Via How to Get Pen Stains ...
Give new life to clothes you thought you had to throw out with this hack!

25 Organize

Via 24 Easy Ways To Get ...
Use a shower curtain to organize your wet winter accessories!

Have you used any of these winter clothing hacks? Let me know in the comments!

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