7 Fascinating Project Runway Designers from past Seasons ...


Project Runway designers are colorful characters, with equally colorful names like Casanova, Sweet P, and Peach. Weโ€™re invited to view meltdowns and bickering, as well as stunning announcements, like the one from Mondo Guerra in season 8, that he's HIV positive. Theyโ€™re unforgettable, like Andy South, who came back for All Stars, season 3, as a woman named Nong Ariyaphon Southiphong, designing under the Andy South label. Canโ€™t quite figure that out, but hey, itโ€™s why the Project Runway designers are fascinating people!

1. Christian Siriano โ€“ Season 4, Winner

Christian Siriano โ€“ Season 4, Winner

Iโ€™ve been watching Project Runway since its inception, and many contestants have amused me, none so much as Christian Siriano. Not only is he a fantastic designer, his name has just the right amount of panache! Hollywood A-Listers love him, and his ready-to-wear is often sold out at better department stores. Way to go Christian. Youโ€™re funny, cheeky, and definitely fierce, and my most favorite of the Project Runway designers.

Austin Scarlett โ€“ Season 1, 4th Place
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