7 Wonderful Tips for Lingerie Shopping like a Star ...


I must confess, I have found it very difficult to shop for lingerie, that is, until I learned these 7 tips for lingerie shopping.

If you find yourself dreading going shopping for new lingerie pieces, you will want to read these tips for lingerie shopping that are sure to make your trip more enjoyable, and maybe even fun!

1. Plan

All tips for lingerie shopping begin with planning.

Know which places you would like to visit.

Decide which price range you would like to stay within and which stores will offer you better merchandise for that price.

2. Don't Go over

If you have a tight budget, don't try on something over your budget.

It's best to not got to Victoria's Secret when you have a Walmart budget.

This only leads to tears and woe when you can't afford the beautiful item you have tried on.

Don't put yourself through that!

3. Know Your Body

Every body is different, and every woman's curves are different.

Knowing which styles complement your specific body type before going on your shopping trip will make your "job" easier.

This will help to cut down on the try-on's that turn into tears and make every fitting something that will make you feel incredible to be you!

4. Know Your Color

Just as every body is different and is complemented with different styles, every body is complemented with certain colors as well.

Some skin types look wonderful in red, others black, and still others are complemented better in pastel blues and pinks.

By knowing which colors you will look best in, you will cut down on the time involved in finding the ones that are best for you.

5. Get a Fitting

Every lady should be professionally fitted for her correct size of bra.

Once you know this, it will make sizing for negligee easier as well.

You will probably be surprised to learn your correct bra size!

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