How to do Laidback Style at the Office ...


With so many spring trends hitting the runway (and the streets), playing dress up is actually relaxing and fun!2

But when you add the office into the mix, things can get a little tricky.

If you've ever wondered how you can express your style at work without crossing the line, this ultimate fashion guide to casual office style has got you covered.2

1. Start by Pairing a Pencil Skirt with a Casual Top

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Via 5 Casual Ways to Wear

2. Dress up Your Jeans with a Blazer and Pointed Flats for a Quick (but Cute) Fix

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3. Try a Cozy Sweater and Festive Blouse Combo

Via 15 Fall Outfit Ideas With

4. You Can Wear Colored Pantsβ€”as Long as You Tone the Look down

Via Women’s Clothing | Fashion Careers

5. Wear a Fun Print with a Bright Manicure

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Via Partners in Crime - MEMORANDUM

6. Tailored Trousers and Killer Heels Are Definite Must-haves

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7. Flirty Cardigans and Edgy Metal Cap Toe Shoes Are the Perfect Match

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8. Accessories Make a Major Difference

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9. Pumps + a Line Shapes Instantly Add Class to Any Outfit

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Via 40 Unboring Work Outfit For

10. Bold Jewelry and Bright Bags Make Fabulous Statement Pieces


11. Throw a Blazer over Your Sweater and Rock with Dark Jeans

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Via 35 Fashionable Work Outfits For

12. A Pencil Skirt in a Super Fun Print Shows That You Mean Business but Also Know How to Have Fun

Via Airport Style: 9 Celebrities With

13. Try Wearing a Loose Fitting Blouse with Ankle Jeans (Just Make Sure That Your Top Isn't Sheer)

Via 32 Cool Summer Work Outfits

14. Rock Neutral Colors with a Sexy Leopard Print Bag and Pointed Heels

Via Top Five Fashion Trends to
You Can Dress Your Nude Trousers up or down Depending on the (Work Appropriate) Shirt You Wear
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