Outfit Inspiration for the Perfect Office Looks ...


Whether you're starting a new job or preparing for an interview, these looks will give you all of the style inspiration you need!

Even if you're challenged in the fashion department, these looks will turn you into a fashionista in no time at all!

1. Classic Button-down and Cardigan

Classic Button-down and Cardigan

Via Hello, Gorgeous!

Although this is a classic look, it looks so updated and fun here!

2. Green and Floral

Green and Floral

Via 15 Fall Outfit Ideas With ...

The green pants paired with the cream sweater and floral cardigan are my new obsession!

3. A Simple Dress

A Simple Dress

Via From city glam to country ...

This seems like such a simple business dress, but I love the color because I can't really put my finger on what color it is.

4. A Playful Pencil Skirt

A Playful Pencil Skirt

Via 14 Summertime Outfits to Wear ...

Pencil skirts are a workplace staple, but with patterns like this, you'll love your work uniform!3

5. Button-down and a Pencil Skirt

Button-down and a Pencil Skirt

Via Hello, Gorgeous!: June 2013

This outfit is made up of regular workplace staples, however, with a deep purple shirt and a white skirt, it looks like it's a completely unique look!

6. Yellow and Pink

Yellow and Pink

Via Ladylike Laws: Interview Etiquette

The yellow sweater with a pink button-down complement each other so well, it makes me want to go on a springtime interview!

7. A Shirtdress

A Shirtdress

Via Stylish Eve Outfits: Stylish Work ...

Dresses are a fun way to switch things up in the workplace, and a shirtdress is a way to keep things sophisticated at work.

8. Peach Midi Skirt

Peach Midi Skirt

Via 25 Trendy Office Outfit Ideas ...

A midi skirt is quickly becoming a cool piece to wear in the office, and this peach, flowy midi skirt, is perfect for your spring office wardrobe.

9. A Winter Option

A Winter Option

Via 20 Stylish Outfit Ideas With ...

If you live in a cold area where you often put comfort before style, stop right there.

This turtleneck and pencil skirt ensemble are the perfect winter office wear!

Yellow Sweater
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