8 Pastel Hair Accessories to Wear This Season ...


Pastel hair accessories are a perfect way to keep your hair looking great and experiment with spring trends without having to spend a lot of cash on multiple wardrobe updates! Isn’t that fun? Well, take a look at these trendy pastel pieces then, and you’ll agree that “fun” is just one of many words to describe them:

1. Leatherette Rosette Headband

Leatherette Rosette Headband

Price: $3.80 at forever21.com

The first on my list of those tasty pastel hair accessories you might want to doll yourself up with this season is this cute, oh-so-romantic headband by Forever 21! Now, I can sure picture it paired up with a few basics I’m sure you have, color-blocked or even worn with other pastel pieces! How versatile is that!

Eric Javits Straw Cap
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