133 Million in Bras the Evolution of the Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra ...


133 Million in Bras the Evolution of the Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra ...
133 Million in Bras the Evolution of the Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra ...

Every girl has a bra-and-undies fantasy, but, as with everything else, Victoria's Secret takes the idea and runs with it, designing a bedazzled brassier each year, every one more glittery and glam than the last. This year's model is the Bright Night Fantasy Bra, and the gorgeous Jasmine Tookes will be wearing it during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (airing December 5 at 10 p.m. EST on CBS), but before she struts down the runway in the blingiest bra around, let's have a look back at the shinies from years past.

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2016: the Bright Night Fantasy Bra

clothing, dress, swimwear, sleeve, active undergarment, Worth an estimated $3 million, Jasmine will model this mermaid-inspired bra in just a couple of weeks. December 2016


2015: the Fireworks Fantasy Bra

quinceañera, fashion show, Cha-ching! Lily Alridge's bra and panty set from last year would set you back a cool $2 million.


2014: the Dream Angels Fantasy Bras

fashion show, quinceañera, fashion, musical theatre, abdomen, If one Fantasy Bra is glittery and good, then two would be twice as nice, if you can swallow the $2 million tag for each.


2013: the Royal Fantasy Bra

clothing, supermodel, fashion show, swimwear, fashion, I don't know whether the $10 million price tag on Candace's bra, inspired by the Crown Jewels, includes the panties, but one would hope so.


2012: the Floral Fantasy Bra

performance, performing arts, entertainment, performance art, event, Alessandra is actually the prettiest flower, no matter what she's wearing, but her garden-inspired, $2.5 million, bra doesn't take away from her allure.


2011: the Fantasy Treasure Bra

clothing, fashion show, fashion, supermodel, Miranda's gorgeous bra is a bit more understated, but would still cost about $2.5 million.


2010: the Bombshell Fantasy Bra

clothing, beauty, performance art, fashion, fashion show, This made-to-stun bejeweled version of the Bombshell Bra is worth an estimated $2 million.


2009: the Harlequin Fantasy Bra

clothing, runway, fashion show, fashion, supermodel, Marisa's modeling this strikingly simple bra, worth $3 million.


2008: the Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra

clothing, lady, fashion, beauty, undergarment, For the eyebrow-raising $5 million price tag, this bra really better be a miracle indeed.


2007: the Holiday Fantasy Bra

clothing, lady, dress, beauty, fashion, Wear this $4.5 million Christmas-themed bra, and you won't need mistletoe to catch kisses.


2006: the Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra

clothing, fashion show, runway, supermodel, fashion, Diamonds are a girl's best friend, especially Karolina's gem-encrusted bra valued at $6.5 million.


2005: the Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra

clothing, fashion show, fashion, runway, supermodel, It truly doesn't look like much, so why is this bra tagged at $12.5 million? Does it include the panties and the necklace maybe?


2004: the Heavenly "70" Fantasy Bra

hair, clothing, undergarment, lingerie, brassiere, Priced at $10 million, Tyra is probably the only woman who could look so sexy and relaxed in this barely-there bra.


2003: the Very Sexy Fantasy Bra

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2010), The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2007), The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2007), clothing, beauty, Heidi's gorgeous, over-the-top bling-y bra is valued at $11 million.


2002: the Star of Victoria Fantasy Bra

hair, clothing, blond, undergarment, lingerie, This bra and panty set looks deceptively ordinary, but that's not lace on top, it's gems, and this sexy set is priced at $10 million.


2001: the Heavenly Star Bra

hair, clothing, lingerie, fashion show, lady, Fifteen years ago, Heidi wowed the crowd in this shimmering $12.5 million bra, studded with pink sapphires.


2000: the Red Hot Fantasy Bra

clothing, red, muscle, supermodel, model, Gisele looks stunning in red, and her luxe bra is valued at a fiery $15 million. Does anyone know if this bra still holds the Guinness Record for most expensive lingerie ever?


1999: the Millennium Bra

clothing, supermodel, swimwear, model, photo shoot, If you're going to party like it's 1999, why not do it in this star-spangled set, priced at $10 million?


The 1999 Millennium Bra was the most expensive Fantasy Bra to date. It was created by the world-renowned jewelry designer, Mouawad, and was modeled by supermodel Heidi Klum. The bra was encrusted with over 2,000 diamonds and featured a 70-carat pear-shaped diamond in the center. The total cost of the bra was estimated to be around $10 million, making it the most expensive Fantasy Bra of its time. The bra was unveiled at the 1999 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and was the highlight of the show. It marked the beginning of a long line of extravagant Fantasy Bras, and set the standard for the Fantasy Bra designs for years to come.


1998: the Dream Angel Fantasy Bra

hair, brassiere, clothing, undergarment, lingerie, This simple, pretty bra is priced at $5 million.


1997: the Diamond Dream Bra

hair, clothing, person, lady, beauty, Truly, this is a bra I'd actually wear in real life, if only I had the $3 million to spend.


1996: the Million Dollar Miracle Bra

hair, clothing, brown hair, hairstyle, long hair, This is the fantasy bra that started it all, modeled by Claudia Schiffer for the Victoria's Secret Christmas catalog. Stunning!

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