7 Easy Steps to Super Summer Skin ...


7 Easy Steps to Super Summer Skin ...
7 Easy Steps to Super Summer Skin ...

There are no two ways about it girls: sunshine, heat and long, long days are fabulous, but it’s important that you meet summer armed with the right tools for the job. Remember your beauty routine should adapt as the season changes and to help you out with this, I’ve put together a list of 7 easy steps to super summer skin.

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In summer, we sweat more. There’s no getting around that fact, and because our skin is often moist, dust and dirt tend to cling a way they don’t in the winter. In addition, dry skin cells tend to build up quickly as well, so that all in all, we need to exfoliate regularly. A good body scrub, used every few days, will help to keep your skin clean and your pores unclogged.



An absolute no-brainer, girls, but it needs to be mentioned. In summer, we lose a lot of moisture and our skin dries out. Get a heavy-duty body lotion and apply all over. Also make sure your face cream has an effective SPF. Some advice: put on your moisturiser early, well before you encounter the heat of the day. This will help you to avoid that terrible slick shininess that results from a mixture of sun and body cream


Tan Safely

Unless you’ve been gifted with a resilient skin that tans quickly and easily, you’ll probably want to avoid lying in the sun for long periods of time. While sun tans have gotten a lot of bad press in recent years, a little bit of natural colour in the skin is actually ok. All the same, if you’re pale, remember to take things slowly. Burning yourself bright red all over on your first day at the beach is not only very dangerous, it’s unattractive and ineffective too.


Shave Effectively

In summer, we all need to shave. If you’re planning on showing off your legs regularly, waxing isn’t a long term solution, so it’s a good idea to invest in a good razor and ladies shaving foam at the start of the season. Avoid rashes and in-grown hairs by never using a blunt blade, and remember to always moisturise immediately after a session with the razor.


Fruitful Measures

While it’s important to stock up on fruit all year round, the vitamins and minerals are especially important in summer. Oranges, water melon and pine apple are not only packed with loads of energising nutrients, but they’re great natural sources of water as well. Stay hydrated and get an energy boost all at the same time by snacking on summer fruits between your meals.


Get a New Sunscreen

At the beginning of every hot season it’s important to buy a new sunblock. Your old one may not be finished, but over time it might have become less effective. Invest in a good one that’s non-greasy and water resistant – this way it’ll feel light and comfortable, and won’t come off with sweat or a splash in the ocean.


Simple Summer Make up

In summer, you really don’t want to cover your face in layers of make up. Your pores will become blocked, and nine time out of ten, you’ll sweat it off on a hot day. Opt for a light weight foundation, a slick of eyeliner and some bronzer. Wear a lip balm to keep your pout healthy in the heat.

These are my easy steps to super summer skin; what are your girls? Share your own tips and suggestions.

Top Photo Credit: Shandi-lee

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