8 Adorable Small Dog Collars to Splurge on ...


8 Adorable Small Dog Collars to Splurge on ...
8 Adorable Small Dog Collars to Splurge on ...

Small dog collars are wicked (I live in Boston, everything is wicked!) popular nowadays because who doesn't want to glam up their pooch? I actually have a miniature dachshund and while he is a boy, I still make sure that he is decked out in the finest rhinestones I can find! My little puppy is actually what inspired this post on small dog collars! So in dedication to my pup, let's move onto 8 Adorable Small Dog Collars that are worth a little extra cash!

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Pink Rhinestones

Pink Rhinestones Price: $5.49 at amazon.com
Has anyone ever watched Toddler's & Tiara's? This is actually what this small dog collar reminds me of. Not only is this collar decked out in the finest Pepto Bismol pink, but the silver rhinestones will make your pooch sparkle even if it's an overcast day. Personally, this collar wouldn't look right on my little boy, but put it on one of those Paris Hilton dogs and it'll look fantastic!


Plaid & Silver

Plaid & Silver Price: $39.95 at target.com
The second of 8 Small Dog Collars is actually one of my favorites. While it might not be for my little guy, it would look perfect on my step-puppy, AJ. This dog is definitely a diva and while he's a boy, the plaid pink and black color would go just perfect with his black and white fur! In fact, I have to go to Target soon, I think this will be an early Christmas gift for that little guy!


Leopard Print Small Dog Collars

Leopard Print Small Dog Collars Price: $10.99 at amazon.com
We all have a little Jerseylicious in us right? Do you guys watch that show? I watch it religiously (okay, if it has Jersey in the title, I will usually watch it, don't judge!) and what this trashy reality TV show has taught me is that anything can look good in leopard print – so why not your dog? This collar is pink, black, spotted and sassy – it's perfect for a dog with an attitude! Do you have a diva dog that you are looking to show off? This small dog collar is a pure attention-grabber!


Fifth Avenue Small Dog Collar

Fifth Avenue Small Dog Collar Price: $7.49 at amazon.com
I am a huge fan of Breakfast at Tiffany's, I just think that Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of style and class. This collar fits right in on Park Avenue with the rest of the classy small dogs. The Tiffany blue, the small detailed rhinestones and the print all would look perfect on a sophisticated pooch. My dog is all hobbit feet and looks more like a buddy than a dog from Beverly Hills Chihuahua, so it still wouldn't work for him, but I love, love, love this collar!


Hippy Puppy

Hippy Puppy Price: $8.00 at amazon.com
If you are looking for a collar that is going to be a little more toned down and more suited for the 'natural' pageants on Toddler's and Tiara's, that is what this collar is all about. The simplistic design and small details make this collar adorable. The hot pink and small heart/plaid design are super cute and will look great on any puppy! You don't have to be a diva to wear this one!


All That Glitters is Gold

All That Glitters is Gold Price: $13.59 at overstock.com
This is the collar that all of you pageant puppy moms have been waiting for! This sparkly little bit of heaven looks a little deceiving because it looks like a charm bracelet that you could wear, not a dog collar. This charm collar is for the ultimate diva dog that is spoiled beyond believe and only wants the best – come to think of it, this might be the dog collar for my step-puppy instead of the pink rhinestone one above...


Glittering Silver

Glittering Silver Price: $20.49 at overstock.com
You know how Paris Hilton uses her dogs as an accessory? If you do the same thing, you'll want to make sure that your doggie feels special and shines in the sunlight. That is what this rhinestone/bead collar will do for you! The bone charm, the pink flower beads – all tied together on a silver 'charm bracelet' type chain makes this collar the ultimate for Mommy's Little Princess puppies!


Pink Flowers & Rhinestones

Pink Flowers & Rhinestones Price: $21.49 at overstock.com
So I have saved the best for last because this collar is definitely my favorite. I love the flower detail, the pink rhinestones and the glittering quality of it all. Heck ladies, even the price is good! Personally, this would look great on my wrist, but I guess if it is labeled a dog collar, I should put it on my little guy huh?

While we might not all be as rich as Paris Hilton and be able to deck our dogs out with diamonds, I think that these small dog collars are a fantastic substitute. How cute will your little dog look in one of these collars? Whether you are a Park Avenue baby or a Jersey-wannabe, there is something for everyone! So ladies, what other Small Dog Collars would you put on this list or have seen that you absolutely love? Come on, I'm looking for some other collars for my guy!

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I love #6! One day, when I buy (not adopt; adopting should be free, just pointing that out) a Yorkie, maybe I'll get something like #6.

Right? I think the same thing! Love that one. :)

poor dog

I have a little miniature dachshund boy as well.(: So hard finding cute small collars that fit right.

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