8 Adorable Small Dog Collars to Splurge on ...

Small dog collars are wicked (I live in Boston, everything is wicked!) popular nowadays because who doesn't want to glam up their pooch? I actually have a miniature dachshund and while he is a boy, I still make sure that he is decked out in the finest rhinestones I can find! My little puppy is actually what inspired this post on small dog collars! So in dedication to my pup, let's move onto 8 Adorable Small Dog Collars that are worth a little extra cash!

1. Pink Rhinestones

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Price: $5.49 at amazon.com
Has anyone ever watched Toddler's & Tiara's? This is actually what this small dog collar reminds me of. Not only is this collar decked out in the finest Pepto Bismol pink, but the silver rhinestones will make your pooch sparkle even if it's an overcast day. Personally, this collar wouldn't look right on my little boy, but put it on one of those Paris Hilton dogs and it'll look fantastic!

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