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A few years back, I was fortunate to have an Aldo store in a mall near my workplace, but those of you that don’t have such easy access can still purchase accessories from Aldo.com. I love the variety and one-stop shopping experience. I can browse shoes, bags and jewelry in one location and find the trendiest accessories from Aldo.com. If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit one of their stores, take advantage of their online shop.

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Massao Decidedly not for most workplaces, these silver and medium blue dangling earrings will pull any casual outfit together and earn you a second look. These are fun and playful earrings that would look awesome paired with a jeans shirt. Exactly what you would expect from accessories from Aldo.com



Sebok Look at this distressed tote bag in grey leather. The top zipper and the double handles are details I especially like. Of course, I also love the distressed look, which you don’t often see on a tote bag. The perfect size and the perfect styling make this a must-have for your fall wardrobe.



Gadsen I love the detail on this quilted tote bag. What terrific styling! It has a front pocket which is always super handy. My favorite feature on this bag is the material woven through the shoulder strap, a feature you would expect to find on name brand quilted bags.



For upcoming holidays, this faux gem encrusted clutch bag is just the thing to complement your little black dress. Chain link shoulder strap included for a versatile look. This style also comes in bone which is pretty darn terrific.



Stremi Who doesn’t love a fringed bag? Available in black and taupe, and looks great in all colors. My only gripe with this bag; the fringes extend pretty far beyond the bag, not visible from this image. I’d bring it to a shoemaker and have them trimmed, but that’s just me.



Minuk OMG, these leather lace-up boots in bone are to die for. I’m all over a lace-up boot and these are particularly perfect. Great color, great heel size, great styling. Of course, they’re great with skinny jeans, but I’m also seeing them with a skirt that is knee length or longer. Also available in black.



Bowlick These pretty platform pumps are reminiscent of Christian Louboutin’s bestselling patent peep toes that sell for over $1,000. Check out that high-gloss finish! This is the perfect shoe for a dress of any color and because they’re bone, they will give your legs the illusion of going on and on. You will make excellent use of these shoes and the same in black patent.

Some things that I am crazy about are peep-toe pumps, lace-up boots, and most earrings. I like relatively simple (black) clothing with one point of visual interest on the outfit, such as a jeweled neckline, or interesting buttons. This leaves room for incredible accessories to complete the ensemble. I find myself reaching for stacked bracelets and a great handbag. I’m not much of a necklace person, although I do admire them on other women. I usually wear earrings of some substance, so maybe it’s just too much to add a necklace. Do you wear both earrings and a necklace? Is there anything in this group of seven that calls to you? What accessories have you purchased from Aldo in the past?

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