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10 Amazing Spring Fashion Essentials ...

By Sophia

Spring fashion essentials can either be staples or trend-based. A spring fashion essential like a chambray shirt or blazer can come under the category of wardrobe staples, whereas other things like printed palazzo pants and clutches are more trend-based seasonal items. If your wardrobe seems lacking this season, take some inspiration from the following fashion essentials for spring.

1 The Printed Wide Leg Pant

A printed wide leg pant is a must have this spring. There are a range of prints you could go for, but scarf prints (à la Céline) are a super stylish choice. If you’re on the shorter side, go for a pant with a higher waist and wear some platform shoes underneath to create some extra height.

2 The Oversized Blazer

This spring fashion essential may be more of a year round essential but this spring opt for a structured style of blazer, as opposed to slouchier versions. An oversized blazer in a bold colour is great for layering over your spring dresses.


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3 The Pleated Maxi Skirt

The pleated maxi skirt is a spring fashion essential that is surprisingly easy to wear. The pleats create extra volume and create a wonderful silhouette. Balance out the volume of the skirt with a fitted tank top or try this season’s crop top trend.

4 The Pendant Necklace

Collar necklaces have been all the rage lately, so it’s time to shake things up with a long pendant necklace. Choose one with a large pendant if you want to make a statement with this spring fashion essential.

5 The Pointed Pump

Pointed pumps have returned to the forefront of fashion in a big way. This normally office-appropriate look has been given a fun, upbeat twist. This spring, choose a pair of pointy pumps in bright candy colours.

6 The Printed Clutch

This season is pretty much all about prints and graphic patterns. Work this trend into your look in a unique way with a printed clutch. This spring fashion essential is an easy and effective way to give a basic outfit an up to date twist.

7 The Graphic Scarf

In the same vein as the previous spring fashion essential, a scarf with a graphic print is a great way to update your look. Choose a scarf with bright colours or in an unexpected print.

8 The Eyelet Dress

The eyelet dress is one of those spring fashion essentials that is a modern interpretation of a timeless trend. In this case, the eyelet dress is a more contemporary take on the lace dress. Much sturdier than lace, the eyelet dress offers just the right amount of peek-a-boo detailing. For inspiration, look no further than Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2012 collection.

9 The Chambray Shirt

The chambray shirt may seem more like a basic wardrobe essential but its versatility is what makes it so amazing, especially in the spring time. Wear it with this season’s hottest coloured chinos, tucked into a pleated maxi skirt, or with a pair of tailored shorts.

10 The Boxy Bag

A boxy shoulder bag in a bright colour is one of the hottest fashion essentials for spring. A look that started on the designer catwalks, this trend has filtered into the mainstream and is how now easily attainable. The look is all about creating a sense of ladylike elegance, but with a modern twist.

Spring fashion essentials can cover anything from clothing to accessories. For more trend-based items, accessories may be the best way to go for updating your spring wardrobe. What’s your top spring fashion essential?

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