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7 Denim Trends for Fall ...

By Sophia

Denim trends for fall are all about finish and fit. It’s no longer limited to what wash of blue your denim should be. These days there are plenty of other things to consider like coating and prints. So, as the temperature drops and it’s time to whip out those jeans, take a look at the following fall denim trends for some new season inspiration.

1 Polka Dot Denim

Polka Dot Denim The polka dot print is one of the must have denim trends for fall. Everyone from high end labels to affordable chain store brands are jumping on the polka dot denim bandwagon. Pick yourself up a pair of polka dot denim jeans or a polka dot denim jacket to add a bit of fun to your fall wardrobe.

2 Coated Denim

Coated Denim Coated denim is a great way of working a sleeker look when it comes to your denim. A pair of black coated jeans is perfect for creating a dressy night time look. What I really like about coated denim, though, is that it creates that on-trend leather effect without actually having to wear leather!

3 Tuxedo Stripe Jeans

Tuxedo Stripe Jeans One colour is just not enough, apparently. Make sure your jeans have a contrasting side panel this fall to pull off the tuxedo inspired trend. Team this denim trend for fall with a fitted blazer and stiletto heels to complete the dressy look.

4 Coloured Denim

Coloured Denim Coloured denim has been quite popular lately and it’s sticking around when it comes to fall denim trends. Instead of the brights and pastels of spring/summer, try caramel and burgundy colours for a more fall appropriate look.

5 Tapered Boyfriend Jeans

Tapered Boyfriend Jeans Take a break from the skinny jeans this fall and embrace the boyfriend jean. Avoid anything too slouchy by picking up a pair with a tapered fit. Work a sport luxe look by teaming your boyfriend jeans with a bomber jacket and leather look baseball cap.

6 Floral Denim

Floral Denim Florals seem to make an appearance every season, and this is still the case when it comes to denim trends for fall. Make florals work for you this fall by choosing denim with a darker, bolder floral print. Team a pair of floral denim jeans with a neutral shirt, oversized coat, and ankle boots for a casually cool look.

7 Cropped Jeans

Cropped Jeans There’s been a lot of love for cropped jeans lately, and they’re still a favourite for fall dressing. They’re also perfect for showing off your favourite shoes. Cropped jeans may leave your ankles a bit out in the cold, however, so wear them in the early stages of fall before the temperature drops too much

These are just a few of the more popular denim trends for fall. Stick to darker colours and heavier patterns and you should be set for the season. What are your favourite fall denim trends and how will you be wearing your denim this season?

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