9 Basic Dresses You Can Dress up or down ...

By Teresa

Dresses are a staple in almost every girl’s wardrobe, but I think I speak for a lot of women when I say that we have some dresses that we consider to be for fancy events and other dresses that are considered everyday dresses. What would you think if I told you that I’ve found basic dresses that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion? These are just a few of these dresses that you need to add your wardrobe!

1 Shadow Stripe Midi Dress

Shadow Stripe Midi Dress forever21.com
This is probably one of the easiest dresses to dress up and down! To dress it down, style it like the model did! Wear an army jacket with some rocker accessories for a look that’s casual but stylish. To dress it up, wear it without the jacket or accessories, and opt for a pair of stilettos and a sleek hairstyle instead.

2 Dolphin-Hem Bodycon Dress

Dolphin-Hem Bodycon Dress forever21.com
There are endless options for this simple gray dress. Pair it with stilettos like the model did on your next night out, or wear it with a flannel and fedora if you’re out getting lunch with friends or running errands!

3 Mesh-Paneled Sheath Dress

Mesh-Paneled Sheath Dress forever21.com
I’m just a little bit obsessed with the different options for this dress. You can wear it to work with simple hair and makeup, but then you can head to a date or party immediately after just by opting for more dramatic makeup—all you really need is a darker lip!

4 Crisscross-Front Dress

Crisscross-Front Dress forever21.com
This dress is perfect for a spring wedding, in my opinion. If you’re going to a church wedding, this is the perfect versatile dress. You can wear the dress to both the church and the reception simply by swapping out flats for heels at the reception.

5 Textured Bodycon Dress

Textured Bodycon Dress forever21.com
This simple coral short-sleeved dress is great to wear like the model did if you’re looking to dress it down, but you can just as easily dress it up with softer makeup and wilder hair for a fun date night look!

6 Crisscross-Back Bodycon Dress

Crisscross-Back Bodycon Dress forever21.com
This dress has a lot to obsess over. It’s fun enough that you can wear it on a night out with your best friends, but you can also pair it with a jean jacket for a fun day out! The light pink color makes this such a versatile dress.

7 Contemporary Tassled-Hem Dress

Contemporary Tassled-Hem Dress forever21.com
This dress is perfect for a Sunday brunch with your besties or for a summer wedding. To wear it to Brunch, pair it with gladiator sandals and some bohemian accessories. To wear it to a wedding this summer, pair it with a pair of bright statement heels and a clutch to match!

8 A-Line Mini Dress

A-Line Mini Dress forever21.com
This dress is so easy to dress up or down! To dress it down, tie a flannel around your waist with a cute pair of combat boots. To dress it up, get a pair of big, gold hoop earrings, throw your hair half-up, and wear a pair of heels that will catch everyone’s attention!

9 Self-Tie Wrap Dress

Self-Tie Wrap Dress forever21.com
This is a great dress to wear to work or simply out and about on vacation, but it’s also perfect to wear to your next big event. It’s more of a spring or summer look, but it’s still so cute!

What’s your favorite dress on this list? Will you try any of these versatile looks out? Let me know in the comments!

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