Short Girls Rejoice over These Maxi Dress Styling Tips ...


Short Girls Rejoice over These Maxi Dress Styling Tips ...
Short Girls Rejoice over These Maxi Dress Styling Tips ...

One of my favorite things to wear in spring and summer is a maxi dress and I’d say many of you feel the same way. But finding a maxi dress that fits you correctly is difficult when you’re short. If it’s too long, it overwhelms your small frame plus it’s an aggravation! These tips can help you find a maxi dress that works for your short stature.

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Don’t Bypass the Petite Section

photograph, vacation, dress, summer, shoulder, A lot of times petite women don’t want to shop in the petite section. The clothes seem to be hit or miss when it comes to tops and slacks. But dresses are usually a spot-on hit. Look for maxi dresses in the petite section of your favorite store to find one that’s the perfect length for you. I’ve found some cute ones in the petite section of Old Navy and Dressbarn.


Check the Description for Length on Any Maxi Dress

clothing, vacation, shoulder, dress, girl, With the suggestion to check the petite section being said, I also have to say don’t count out maxis in the regular section. Maxi dresses come in many different lengths. Check the length on the maxi that caught your eye and see where it would hit on you. I found 2 maxi dresses this spring that I love and neither were in the petite section. Being five foot two, I was really happy about that!


Look for Adjustable Straps

fashion model, pink, dress, shoulder, joint, It’s easy to forget that adjustable straps can give you the option of shortening a maxi dress. Women have all different sorts of bodies so it makes sense that dresses are made with adjustable straps. Sometimes an adjustable strap will give you enough leeway to make the dress short enough for you. If you’re a little uncomfortable about having so little coverage at the top, add a cardigan. Not only is this a cute look but it’s one that you can wear into fall.


Tuck at the Waist

fashion model, dress, gown, shoulder, supermodel, Some maxi dresses have a defined waist. Usually they’re elastic. If a maxi dress you’ve got your eye on has this sort of waist, you can pull the dress up at the waistline to pull up the length. If you don’t love the look of an elastic waist, no problem! Simply add your favorite belt to style it and no one will be the wiser.


Allow for Shrinkage

gown, white, wedding dress, dress, bridal clothing, A lot of clothing will have some shrinkage when it’s washed for the first time. This’s especially true if it’s 100% cotton. You can count on the hemline coming up at least an inch if it’s cotton. Always factor in how a clothing item can shrink when you’re deciding whether to purchase it. This can give you more options and save you from making fashion mistakes.


Wear Heels

outerwear, fashion, street, socialite, jeans, The easiest tip ever for short women wanting to wear maxis is to wear heels! But you’re not only limited to heels. You can wear wedges with your maxis in the summer and then boots or ankle booties in the fall. Different dresses require different shoe heights. It’s a great reason to shop for more shoes, don’t you agree? 😊


Have It Tailored

dress, fashion model, cocktail dress, socialite, formal wear, Lastly, you’ve always got the option of having a maxi dress tailored. Chances are, if you’re petite, then you’re going to need a tailor on occasion. If you don’t have one, look into it ASAP. A good tailor can be a valuable part of making your wardrobe fit perfectly. Not only can they make hemlines the perfect length for you but they can customize clothing items in unique ways.

These’re 7 ways you can style a maxi dress to work for you. Do you have issues finding maxis that fit? Where’s your favorite maxi dress from?

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Absolutely I adore wearing a maxi :)

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