9 Tips on How to Dress for Spring ...


9 Tips on How to Dress for Spring ...
9 Tips on How to Dress for Spring ...

How To Dress For Spring – you heard me right, it’s nearly that time of the year again. Spring is just around the corner in the northern hemisphere, so it’s time to start thinking about next season’s wardrobe. How to dress for spring can sometimes be tricky to manoeuvre, and requires quite a transitional wardrobe. Take a look at the following tips on how to dress for spring.

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Light Layers

Dressing for spring means slowly losing all those heavy winter layers. Instead, keep your outfits interesting by layering with lighter fabrics. Sheer fabrics are a key trend this year, so try incorporating a sheer dress or skirt into the mix when looking at how to dress for spring.


Tone down

Spring wardrobes are typically fresher and lighter. Tone down on heavy winter colours such as black and grey. Opt for lighter neutral shades such as caramel and cream. Marle grey colours are cool choice as well, and look great against soft pastel colours.


Crisp Whites

There’s no better way to shrug off dreary winter fashion than by embracing crisp white fabrics. A white collared shirt can be dressed up with a pair of tailored trousers or dressed down with slouchy shorts. When knowing how to dress for spring, it’s important to recognise versatile items such as this.



Spring is about incorporating colour into your wardrobes. Start off the transition with pastel shades in blue, peach, and mint. Pastels look great anchored against white and grey basics.


Thin Knits

Keep thinner knits in your wardrobe for cool spring days and nights. When looking at how to dress for spring, remember to prepare for unexpected weather conditions. Layer your knits over floaty sun dresses for a classically spring look.



Warmer weather and floral fabrics go hand in hand. A pretty floral dress is a classic but don’t forget separates such as shirts, shorts, and skirts. This spring, try the trend of clashing patterns and team your florals with stripes for an on-trend look.



Midi length skirts and dresses are a chic option for spring dressing. It’s a great way to ease into baring some skin after being hidden away under layers of clothing in the winter months.



When it comes to how to dress for spring, don’t forget your work wardrobe. Transform your office looks with a tailored blazer. A sharp white or cream blazer is a great way to freshen up your spring look. It is also a smart way to pull together an outfit.



When the weather is warm enough, let your feet see the sunlight by donning a pair of strappy sandals. This will instantly ‘spring up’ an outfit. Tan leather sandals look great during the day, especially when worn with neutral and pastel colour combinations.

These are just some classic ideas when it comes to how to dress for spring. Your spring wardrobe should reflect the changing seasons. It’s about shedding the extra layers of winter excess and embracing a lighter, fresher aesthetic. What are your best tips for how to dress for spring?

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what's this spring you speak of? it's still -30 Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit) where I'm at. But I'm sure these tips will come in handy in a few months :)

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