10 Basic Fashion Items Every 20-year Old Should Have in Her Closet ...

Basic Fashion Items are far from it. Basic can be mistaken for boring or mundane, but today I'll share with you some basic, stylish, must-have fashion items you're going to want to have in your wardrobes this season. Fabulous fashion isn't always easy to find, so here is a list of 10 of my basic fashion pieces every 20-year old should have in her closet.

1. Blazer

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Never underestimate the blazer. An item that can be dressed up or down, all still while looking classy, chic and sexy is a basic fashion item we must all have. We should have one that is plain and can be thrown on with almost anything to complete a look and add some character to it. A blazer will change any jeans and tee day into a runway show. With some brilliant options at some fabulous prices, you can't afford not to own a blazer or two.

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