10 Basic Fashion Items Every 20-year Old Should Have in Her Closet ...


10 Basic Fashion Items Every 20-year Old Should Have in Her Closet ...
10 Basic Fashion Items Every 20-year Old Should Have in Her Closet ...

Basic Fashion Items are far from it. Basic can be mistaken for boring or mundane, but today I'll share with you some basic, stylish, must-have fashion items you're going to want to have in your wardrobes this season. Fabulous fashion isn't always easy to find, so here is a list of 10 of my basic fashion pieces every 20-year old should have in her closet.

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Never underestimate the blazer. An item that can be dressed up or down, all still while looking classy, chic and sexy is a basic fashion item we must all have. We should have one that is plain and can be thrown on with almost anything to complete a look and add some character to it. A blazer will change any jeans and tee day into a runway show. With some brilliant options at some fabulous prices, you can't afford not to own a blazer or two.


Skinny Jean

An untrue statement that many believe is that not everyone can wear the skinny jean. I wildly disagree. When done right, anyone can wear the trend as long as you pay close attention to the wash, pocket placement, and stretch. I urge you to slip into a pair and realize that this will be your "go to" pair of jeans that not only works well with pumps but with flats and boots as well.


Classic Jean

For me, classic jeans are a simple way to look fashionable without actually thinking about it. So for those mornings that are spent getting ready with your eyes half open, opt for a good pair of jean. Paired with a basic tee and blazer or printed cardigan, you're bound to still turn heads.


Basic Tee (in Black, White & Grey)

I don't think one could live fabulously and freely without some basic tees in their wardrobe. The tee is, I find, one of those fashion items we should all own. One in black, one in white, and another in ash will ensure you will never again speak the ill words "I have nothing to wear." It's such an easy and affordable piece to obtain, with so many options on how to style it. Don't forget to choose a neckline that compliments the shape of your face.


Nude Pump

A nude pump is an absolute must-have fashion item in your wardrobe. It's the perfect shoe that can be worn with almost anything, including jeans, giving you a chic and stylish look. Why nude? Good question... nude goes with everything, and complements every skin tone. So the next time you're out looking for a single pair of shoes that will go with almost anything in your closet, look no further than a nude pump. Choose the toe shape (round, square, pointed), heel height, and thickness based on your personal style to ensure you're always being true to yourself. This is what fashion is all about, is it not?


Patent Flats

Not everyone wants to walk out the door in a heel every morning and this is why a pair of beautiful patent flats is a must. I feel they are one of those basic fashion items that you can never have enough of. And I believe that going with a patent flat is a sure way to stay classically chic when wearing a heel-less shoe. The shine of patent steps up your game from a basic leather or canvas, and when you're wearing flats this can easily be lost. A fabulous flat can be expensive, but I do feel that it's a great piece to invest in.


Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is one of those things that makes you feel classy and sexy all at the same time. It's a difficult combination to obtain, as sexy can sometimes walk a fine line of leaving little to the imagination. Choosing the right pencil skirt for you will no doubt be key. The length and fit are what's important when pulling off this piece. Find one that just barely covers your knees and hugs you perfectly (overly tight is not good) around your waist, hips, and thighs. If you don't normally wear tight clothing, this might be a little bit out of your comfort zone, so start with one in black as we all know this dark shade is slimming. I promise you, a pencil skirt will be a great contender when you're reaching in your wardrobe for bottoms. It's no doubt one of those basic fashion items you'll need and love.


Wool/cashmere Coat

It's not the easiest fabric to work with as far as fit goes but once you've found the perfect silhouette you won't take it off. A wool coat is a basic fashion item we should all have in our wardrobes. It's a purchase that may hit hard at first but will have you realizing its investment purpose as it takes you from fall and winter, and well into spring and summer. Buying a wool coat can be a daunting task, so if I may suggest choosing a neutral color and a classic shape, this will ensure it keeps you cozy and fashionable for the longest time frame. I've had my wool coat for over 5 years and it's money well spent in my mind


When considering a wool/cashmere coat, be mindful that the texture and weight of the fabric are conducive to draping elegantly over various body types. Taking time to try on different styles to find one that flatters your unique shape is key. Remember, a well-crafted wool coat is not merely a piece of clothing but a timeless addition to your fashion repertoire. Care for it properly, and it becomes a loyal companion through countless chilly days. Just like a trusted friend, it's an essential item that proves its worth over and over again, never failing to add that touch of sophistication to any ensemble.


Embellished Cardigan

Silk, satin, sequins, or florals... whatever has your fashion heart skipping a beat is a basic must-have in your stylish wardrobe. An embellished cardigan will take a plain Jane ensemble to chic new heights. I promise you it will be the coziest, most loved piece of art in your wardrobe. So the next time you're out hunting for your next basic fashion item, think outside the box and get wild.


Belts (in Leather, Patent and Print)

One can never have too many belts. For me, they are like a purse - you should legally not be allowed to leave the house without one. Everyone should own a belt in leather, in patent, and one that's a print in your style. For me, this is leopard. Owning many belts will give you the option to style a rather basic look into one that reads as your own. For example, a basic black boxy cardigan has never looked so chic than when finished off with an ultra thin leopard belt. Am I right, ladies? The next time you're out, don't skip past the belt rack - stop, touch, feel, and take home the one that speaks to you.

I hope you find my 10 basic fashion items to be helpful for the next time you're out shopping for some new signature pieces to add to your wardrobe. If you feel I've missed anything, I'd love to hear it. Comment below, I always love to add new must have fashion items to my wardrobe!

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Could add pictures to make it more engaging.

I don't like Blazers but I feel like I NEED to wear on to be stylish,I just don't like how they look on me I prefer a cute cardigan to pair up with my jeans and tee shirt


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