Beautiful Bathing Suits for Your Best Spring Break Yet ...


As spring break creeps closer and closer, the hunt for the perfect bathing suit continues. If you're still on the hunt for yours, consult this list until you find something you absolutely love!

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Black and Mint

clothing,black,green,fashion accessory,handbag, Via mint bow bikini
Black and mint are two colors that are so in this season, and the bow just adds a cute touch if you're a girly-girl!


Lace One-Piece

hair,clothing,blond,undergarment,lingerie, Via GirlBelieve: Fashion, style, trends, how
It's not every day that you see a lace one-piece, but this one is so gorgeous!


High-Waisted Bathing Suit

clothing,thigh,leg,human positions,muscle, Via Classic navy high waisted retro
I'm pretty sure that we've seen Taylor Swift wearing this exact bathing suit before.


Best of Both Worlds

clothing,swimwear,swimsuit bottom,active undergarment,underpants, Via
If you can't decide between a simple black bathing suit and something a little bit more carefree, this is the perfect bathing suit for you.


Mint Cut Outs

clothing,swimwear,swimsuit bottom,maillot,undergarment, Via L Space Sweet and Chic
There's something about this specific cutout that is so flattering!


Black and Yellow

swimwear,clothing,swimsuit bottom,muscle,sun tanning, Via Meal Ideas & Resources
Black and yellow aren't exactly common colors you'd see on a bathing suit, but I think that this one is just so cute!


Black and Gray

clothing,swimwear,undergarment,photo shoot,supermodel, Via
This is such a great suit for busty girls, but even if you're not busty, it's so flattering on all body types.


Triangl Swimwear

clothing,undergarment,lingerie,active undergarment,g string, Via MILLY - CANDY PINK
Triangl Swimwear is basically a spring break staple these days.



clothing,swimwear,supermodel,abdomen,photo shoot, Via Hottest swimwear | The hottest
If you're looking for a simple bandeau, this is the perfect style, plus the turquoise and white print is so gorgeous.


A Stylish One-Piece

hair,clothing,blond,thigh,hairstyle, Via Hot 10: Day to play
When was the last time you saw a one-piece that felt young? I usually stay away from one-pieces because they usually feel matronly to me, but this feels anything but!



clothing,undergarment,active undergarment,underpants,swimwear, Via Ashley Dellinger: Sexy Swimsuits For
The strappy back on this swimsuit is both athletic and cute!


Lace Detailing

clothing,person,woman,image,girl, Via L*Space L*Novelties Wild Child Crochet
The intricate lace detailing on this suit is such a gorgeous touch.


Detailed Print

clothing,swimwear,lingerie,undergarment,chest, Via
This extremely detailed print makes it look like your suit cost a fortune!


Retro Swimsuit

one piece swimsuit,clothing,swimwear,maillot,undergarment, Via 14 Retro Swimsuits You'll Love
Not only is the black and white a classic, but the retro style is so chic for a one-piece!


Scalloped Edging

clothing,swimwear,undergarment,supermodel,lingerie, Via - Victoria's Secret
I love how simple this bathing suit is with the simple, scalloped edges.



clothing,active undergarment,swimwear,swimsuit bottom,maillot, Via If support is number one on your list for the perfect bathing suit, this is what you need.


Floral Retro

swimwear,one piece swimsuit,clothing,maillot,photo shoot, Via 27 Hot One-Piece Swimsuits To
I think floral instantly makes any look a little more retro, but this style takes it to another level!


Black Floral Bikini

clothing,swimwear,beauty,supermodel,brown hair, Via Volcom Part Swimwear at
Black floral is so chic and unexpected in a bikini!


Flowy Top

clothing,swimwear,swimsuit bottom,photo shoot,swimsuit top, Via CA by Vitamin A 2014
I love a nice, flowy bikini top for a week of relaxation! It reminds me of a tropical vacation.


Braid Detailing

swimwear,clothing,swimsuit bottom,maillot,g string, Via L Space Macrame Pink Bikini
Not only is this bathing suit a beautiful coral color, but the braid detailing is so unique.


Floral and Lace

clothing,dress,art,fashion accessory,pattern, Via My LuxeFinds: Style Guide: My
You don't exactly expect to see floral and lace come together on a bathing suit, but this bathing suit manages to pull it off!


Vintage One-Piece

swimwear,clothing,one piece swimsuit,swimsuit bottom,maillot, Via Instagram-Worthy Swimwear – Get the
This floral looks vintage even though it's not, and the cut makes it the perfect one-piece.


Ariel Bathing Suit

turquoise,blue,aqua,fashion accessory,turquoise, Via 15 Pieces Of Swoon-Worthy Disney
For all of the Disney fanatics out there, this one's for you.


Blue and Gray

clothing,swimwear,hairstyle,brassiere,brown hair, Via 25 Awesome Swimsuit DIYs You
This bathing suit is definitely for your more indecisive moments.


Stylish Print

clothing,swimwear,beauty,undergarment,brown hair, Via PilyQ - Home
This print is so different but so chic!

Which of these swimsuits are your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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Defiantly loved the black and yellow

Loved the mint and green

Most of the links don't even work...

Liked #14

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Loved most of them

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