What Kind of Jeans Are the Best Type for Your Body?

No matter your body type, buying jeans can be a not-so-fun experience. No matter what your shape or size is, it can be overwhelming and stressful to try to find jeans that will complement you, whether you’re shopping in store or online. Now, that doesn’t need to be an issue for you anymore! With this list in hand, you’ll never be nervous when shopping for jeans again! In fact, you may even come to enjoy it! I know—the thought of loving to shop for jeans is one that’s foreign to you (and me!) but this guide will make the process so much easier!

1. Hourglass Figure

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If you have an hourglass figure, a good way to balance your figure out is by wearing solid color denim. Whether it’s lighter or darker, one solid color creates a slimming look whereas a faded look can make your legs look bigger than they are. A slim leg is also a great way to help elongate your legs when you’re an hourglass shape!

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