Want Bigger Boobs? Here's How You Can Fake It with Just the Right Clothes ...


If you're like me, a member of the "itty bitty titty committee," you're probably always looking for ways to make your boobs look bigger. Not because you're insecure, or because there's anything wrong with having a small chest, but because big boobs are cool. They make you feel more womanly, and in many cases, it's easier to find tops that fit. So check out these 8 tips and tricks for creating the illusion of bigger boobs.

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A simple way to make those boobs look bigger is to get reusable silicone inserts to put in your bra, like the Commando Takeouts from Bergdorf Goodman. These will definitely get the girls looking more endowed. And since you can use them over and over, you won't be wasting your money. You can jiggle those jugs like a Baywatch babe in no time!


Wear the Right Size Bra

Wearing the wrong size bra doesn't do you or your breasts justice. If you aren't sure about what size bra you should be wearing, you can visit any local department store's lingerie department for a free fitting.


Avoid Tight-Fitting Tops

You might think that wearing a tight top will make your breasts look bigger, but it actually does the opposite. It makes your natural features (like those teeny tiny titties) much more noticeable. Looser (but still fitted) tops are better because they don't draw attention to your small chest.


Wear Light Colors

Did you know that dark colors make things appear smaller, and light colors make things appear larger? Yo! Kim Kardashian! Stop wearing white pants on that big 'ol booty of yours! Keep the darker colored clothing on the bottom — pants, skirts, etc. — and choose lighter or brighter colors for your tops.


Go Horizontal

Stripes are a great way to disguise features that we'd rather hide. Horizontal stripes make things appear wider. So choose a top with some horizontal goodness and those boobs will expand in an instant!


Contour with Makeup

It's not the most ideal way to enhance your small chest, but using makeup to contour is an effective way to get those boobs looking larger. Grab some bronzer, some highlighter, and a small contouring makeup brush, and draw yourself some cleavage. Check out this YouTube video tutorial for a great visual guide.


Choose Embellished Tops

Ruffles, pleats, patterns and other details help hide your small boobs. Wear tops that have these types of embellishments (they're fun to wear anyway!). Be sure they are fitted, so that they show off your natural silhouette.


Wear Delicate Jewelry

When you surround your chest with things that are small, your boobs look bigger by contrast. So wearing dainty, delicate jewelry around your neck will make your boobs appear larger.


Round It up

Choosing tops with rounded necks makes the bustline look bigger. Stay away from v-necks, which can make your chest look smaller. The only exception is if you contour your cleavage with makeup (see tip #6) while wearing a v-neck.

Hopefully these 8 tips will help you achieve the big-boob look that you want. I, for one, might need to send a letter to Meghan Trainor and let her know that it's not "all about the bass." It's all about the treble! Small chested girls who want bigger boobs unite! Which of these tricks are you going to try first?

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