Want Bigger Boobs? Here's How You Can Fake It with Just the Right Clothes ...

If you're like me, a member of the "itty bitty titty committee," you're probably always looking for ways to make your boobs look bigger. Not because you're insecure, or because there's anything wrong with having a small chest, but because big boobs are cool. They make you feel more womanly, and in many cases, it's easier to find tops that fit. So check out these 8 tips and tricks for creating the illusion of bigger boobs.


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A simple way to make those boobs look bigger is to get reusable silicone inserts to put in your bra, like the Commando Takeouts from Bergdorf Goodman. These will definitely get the girls looking more endowed. And since you can use them over and over, you won't be wasting your money. You can jiggle those jugs like a Baywatch babe in no time!

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