7 Fashion Bloggers Who Will Change the Game This Year ...

Although some people will argue that fashion bloggers will be over and done with in 2015, I completely disagree. Besides the fact that these girls have huge personalities that I love reading about, they also have such lust-worthy style that no matter what they’re posting about, I’ll keep reading. Whether you’ve heard of these women or not, you will definitely add them to your Bloglovin’ page this year!

1. Leandra Medine

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I came across Leandra Medine completely backwards. I found her book when perusing through my local bookstore, read a few pages, and instantly fell into this weird, girl-crush love with her. She was witty when talking about fashion, something that’s not always easy, or prevalent in the fashion blogging world. If you are one of the few people who haven’t read her blog yet, I suggest you check out her blog Man Repeller as soon as possible!

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