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25 Best Vanessa Hudgens Looks ...

By Vladlena

If you are ever in a need of fashion inspiration, all you need to google is 'Vanessa Hudgens looks'. What I love most about her style is that she is not afraid to try something different. She never sticks to just one type of look and instead explores all possibilities. Plus the girl can rock almost anything, so it's fun to see what she tries on next. So if you feel like you need to add some spice to your style and switch things up for a change, here are some of the best Vanessa Hudgens looks to trigger new ideas.

Table of contents:

  1. Cropped top and floral printed skirt
  2. Comfy cardigan and ripped jeans
  3. Bohemian dress and knee-high boots
  4. Ankle jeans, crop top and an olive shirt
  5. Long-sleeved romper
  6. Cropped shirt with wide leg pants
  7. Floral sundress and wedges
  8. Plaid shirt, belted wedges and an oversized bag
  9. Black maxi hippie dress and long kimono
  10. Cropped top and high waisted wide leg pants
  11. Peach dress and wedges
  12. Maxi skirt, tank and a long chunky sweater
  13. Summer dress and a head piece
  14. Rolled jeans, statement blouse and pointy heels
  15. Brown jacket, simple top and black pants
  16. Leather two piece
  17. White crop top and pencil skirt
  18. Crochet top, denim and chunky wedges
  19. Jean jacket, sundress and knee high boots
  20. White detailed top and straight pants
  21. Maxi skirt and cropped top
  22. Denim shorts and graphic tank
  23. Denim on denim
  24. Floral maxi dress
  25. Striped dress

1 Cropped Top and Floral Printed Skirt

Via F A S H I ...

Out of all Vanessa Hudgens looks, this might actually be one of my favorites. I love the combination of the ruffled cropped top with a long high waisted skirt that hugs the hips. And the conical hat with a sabertooth necklace are just a cherry on top!

2 Comfy Cardigan and Ripped Jeans

Via My Style

I love the way she glams up what seems like a such a simple everyday outfit. The choice of heeled opened-toe booties and the long beaded necklace totally makes the outfit.

3 Bohemian Dress and Knee-high Boots

Via Vanessa Hudgens❤

Putting the adorable little dress aside, the combination of knee high socks peeking out from the boots makes the outfit just that much better!

4 Ankle Jeans, Crop Top and an Olive Shirt

Via hollywood fashion

Love the mix of casual pieces with a touch of classic details! And can we please just zoom in on those shoes?

5 Long-sleeved Romper


Many refer to Vanessa Hudgens as the 'Queen of Coachella' and now we know why. She kills it with her outfits every year at the music festival!

6 Cropped Shirt with Wide Leg Pants


Not everyone can pull off wide leg pants, but the actress perfectly pairs it with a plain white cropped shirt, sleek bun, dangly earrings and fringe bag!

7 Floral Sundress and Wedges

Via Vanessa Hudgens from The Big ...

Vanessa Hudgens keeps it real simple but yet super cute with the delicate sundress, camel color wedges and few accessories.

8 Plaid Shirt, Belted Wedges and an Oversized Bag

Via Style

Loving the combination of a long plaid shirt with rolled sleeves, chunky wedges and most of all, that statement cuff!

9 Black Maxi Hippie Dress and Long Kimono

Via Vanessa Hudgens Black Maxi Hippie ...

The actress reveals her dark side by going for a more gothic themed outfit with a shear maxi dress, dark lipstick and a detailed kimono that adds a little bit of color.

10 Cropped Top and High Waisted Wide Leg Pants

Via Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: ...

Vanessa Hudgens bares her fit abs by matching a dainty cropped top with patterned pants and a wide hat. The girl really knows how to style and accessorize!

11 Peach Dress and Wedges

Via Vanessa Hudgens from The Big ...

Personally I love how effortless she looks with just a few accent pieces. Plus the belt at the waist really shows off her figure.

12 Maxi Skirt, Tank and a Long Chunky Sweater

Via Boho Babe from Celebrity Street ...

The different textures and patterns of this outfit surprisingly complement each other but still manage to stand out on their own. Plus the layering effect makes it more eye catching.

13 Summer Dress and a Head Piece


Vanessa Hudgens looks absolutely stunning in a dainty white dress, pointy heels and a statement headpiece.

14 Rolled Jeans, Statement Blouse and Pointy Heels


Vanessa Hudgens doesn't fail to stand out even in a pair of jeans. The blouse and pointy heels perfectly tie the whole look together.

15 Brown Jacket, Simple Top and Black Pants

Via Vanessa Hudgens

It seems like this young starlet put together this outfit around the brown jacket, which totally steals all of the attention.

16 Leather Two Piece

Via From Modern Graphics to Vintage ...

Vanessa Hudgens loves to go grungy once in a while and she is not wrong to do that! This leather two-piece fits her like a glove!

17 White Crop Top and Pencil Skirt

Via ღ the girl next dior

I absolutely adore this white knit two piece that hugs her body all in the right places! So feminine and so chic!

18 Crochet Top, Denim and Chunky Wedges

Via Vanessa Hudgens

The white crochet top is the absolute focus of this outfit, but the dark denim, brown messenger bag and skin tone wedges flawlessly polish up the look.

19 Jean Jacket, Sundress and Knee High Boots


I absolutely adore the combination of a dainty dresses with more masculine pieces such as this leather jacket.

20 White Detailed Top and Straight Pants

Via My Style - Spring/Summer

Yet again Vanessa Hudgens bares her fit abs while covering the rest of her body with a detailed long sleeved top and very business appropriate pants.

21 Maxi Skirt and Cropped Top

Via 34 Look Ideas For Your ...

For a nice day out, Vanessa Hudgens puts on a flowy maxi skirt with a patterned cropped top. Two simple pieces... but the result is outstanding!

22 Denim Shorts and Graphic Tank


For a casual outfit, Hudgens pairs a simple graphic tank with a pair of destroyed denim shorts. And tops it off with a blue shirt and a deep red bag for a pop of color.

23 Denim on Denim

Via Les looks de la semaine ...

In this particular outfit, Vanessa Hudgens makes a risky move by pairing two denim pieces together with high gladiator shoes. Personally, I think she pulls it off!

24 Floral Maxi Dress

Via Vanessa Hudgens

I am absolutely in love with this floral maxi dress that has scalloped edges and a cut out in the front. And Vanessa Hudgens totally does it justice by pairing it with chunky shoes and a braided band hairdo.

25 Striped Dress

Via Las celebrities y sus street ...

For a classic look, Hudgens pairs a tight fit dress with black and white shoes, and handbag. The clash between the colors and patterns is what makes the outfit so interesting!

There isn't really one way to describe Vanessa Hudgen's style. Her fashion sense has evolved over the years and there isn't a specific style that she constantly sticks to. You can see that she knows how to have fun with fashion and is not afraid to try something completely out of the ordinary. Which Vanessa Hudgens look do you like the most?

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