15 Key Looks in the Miley Cyrus Style Revolution ...

Everyone is talking about the Miley Cyrus style revolution – and it seems to have really divided opinion. She rebelled from her pink-and-fluffy Disney wardrobe as soon as she came of age, and her new look is definitely much more adult – her wardrobe seems to be packed with leather, studs and crop-tops. So how did she get from there to here, and which Miley Cyrus style do you love the most?!

1. Way Back when…

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Wow! The beginning of the Miley Cyrus style was certainly very different; she’s almost unrecognizable from this photo back in 2006. This was before Miley signed up to play Hannah Montana, the program that made her a household name, and first dyed her hair blonde. She looks very fresh faced in blue flares and a tweed jacket!

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