33 Fabulously Fashionable Looks from Ariana Grande ...

By Lisa

33 Fabulously Fashionable Looks from Ariana Grande ...

I think Ariana Grande is one of the most talented and best dressed in young Hollywood. She has such a fun and flirty sense of style that I think goes perfectly with her music and personality. If you love to get outfit ideas from your favorite celebrities, Ariana Grande is a great source of style inspiration. Take a look at some of her best outfits below!

1 Airport Fashion

Via eonline.com
Ariana Grande does not let travel get in the way of her looking perfectly polished. The mini skirt and collared fuzzy sweater look so cute!

2 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Via The Best Looks From the ...
This simple dress is totally age appropriate yet still stylish and fun.

3 Comfy Chic

Via Full Sized Photo of ariana ...
Ariana can make even a navy and white floral number paired with flats a fresh look.

4 Photo Shoot

Via miss JHENZ
How cute is that dress with the big bow on the back?!

5 Leather Leggings

Via ArianaGrande_oo : She's soo cute, ...
Although you can't see her entire outfit, those leggings and those shoes are to die for

6 Pit Stop

Via New Fashion Trends
Ariana looks cute as a button in her polka dotted two-piece and there are those hot shoes again!

7 Cold Weather Fashion

Via Artist Style Inspiration
A wool coat, knit scarf, jeggings, black pumps and a classic Chanel bag is the the perfect balance of high and low fashion!

8 Sweater and Boots

Via Hair :)
Check out the knee high boots and the oversized sweater with the Chanel backpack. She looks cute and comfy.

9 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Via Sheer Cutouts At The BBMAs!
This lace dress looks perfect on her small frame and the flared skirt is so her style.

10 Travel Fashion

Via Anna | Anna Elizabeth Events ...
Ariana decided to go the casual route for this trip, but she still looks put together. I love the knit beanie and the cream colored Prada bag.

11 All Black

Via Log in | Tumblr
She makes a black tank and skinny jeans look so effortlessly cool!

12 Shopping

Via Ariana Grande (My celeb crush)
Ariana can pull off being matchy matchy without going overboard.

13 2014 Grammy Awards

Via All the Best Grammy Red ...
This Dolce and Gabanna dress is so elegant. I think longer dresses look great on her!

14 Hot Pink

Via Crop Tops Aren't Just For ...
Cropped hot pink top with a matching skirt, perfect for summer!

15 Arianna in New York

Via Նորություններ Շոուբիզնեսից [ShowBiz News]: Paparazzi: ...
Ariana can make even the most casual outfit look good!

16 Pretty in Pastels

Via eonline.com
The pastel purple sweater and tall white boots looks fresh and foxy!

17 Arianna Grande! She Has the Best Body Ever! I Wish I Had Her Legs and Arms and Waist! so Pretty!

Via Ariana grande
This is the type of outfit that I think is classic Arianna. A cute crop top with a mini skirt.

18 2012 Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show

Via Ariana's Best Red Carpet Style!
Arianna took a break from dresses and skirts with a paisley peplum top with shiny leggings.

19 Green and Gold

Via Pinterest Closet
This dress has gorgeous colors and it looks so good with her skin tone.

20 2013 Today Show

Via Ariana Grande performs on The ...
Pale blue flowers on a white dress is perfect for spring.

21 2013 Radio Disney Awards

Via The Best Looks from the ...
The long, sheer skirt has a playful boho vibe that goes perfectly with her flower headband.

22 Baby I Video

Via For the love of leg ...
Ariana looks white hot in her bandeau top and denim shorts.

23 2013 VMAs

Via usmagazine.com
Ariana looking fierce in florals at the MTV Video Music Awards.

24 Holiday

Via heyarigrande.com
Ariana dressed up for the holidays but didn't stray from her signature crop top and mini skirt.

25 Shoe Shopping

Via Fashion my legs - The ...
Ariana paired some black tights with an oversized striped shirt and a beanie.She looks so carefree and casual.

26 Patterned Pants

Via pinterest.com
Ariana legs look a mile long in her patterned pants and crop top.

27 Polka Dots

Via Ariana's Best Red Carpet Style!
Ariana wears a lot of styles from Project Runway alum Kenley Collins and this crop top and skirt are just too cute for words!

28 Blue and White

Via Ariana's Best Red Carpet Style!
Here's another custom made piece for Ariana by Kenley Collins. I love how she paired her two-piece with Keds!

29 2011 Grammy Awards

Via Ariana Grande at the Grammy ...
This is such an elegant look, The assymetrical, one-shoulder design is so fresh and graceful.

30 High and Low Fashion

Via A r i a n ...
Here's Ariana pairing a Chanel bag with black leggings and a black tank.

31 Pretty in Pink

Via 2dayslook.com
This pink getup has a flirty vintage vibe and I love that the skirt has a huge bow in the back.

32 Blue Florals

Via pinterest.com
Looking demure and darling in blue floral dress.

33 Casual Day

Via 56 of Ariana Grande's Cutest ...
Arianna strolls through LAX with a sweatshrt, white skinnies and Uggs.

Whether she's wearing a casual outfit to travel or she's dressed to the nines for a performance, Ariana Grande always looks so sophisticated and stylish. Which one of her looks was your fave?

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