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By Teresa

No matter your size, body-positive bloggers and vloggers should be ladies you are following if you’re a member of #TeamInternet. Not only do these ladies have impeccable style, but they’re also women who are going to drop some knowledge about the recent body-positive moment on you at any time. If you’re looking to join the body-positive moment, these ladies are definitely the ones to follow!

1 Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas is one of the most body-positive and sex-positive girls on the Internet right now. She recently wrote, sang, and starred in a music video for her insanely popular YouTube channel called Fat Chicks. Believe me, no matter your size, when you hear this song I am sure that you’ll love it!

2 Sprinkle of Glitter

Are there any fans of #TeamInternet left who have not yet heard of Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter? She’s an inspiration to girls everywhere, promotes being healthy regardless of size, and does “Curvy Lookbooks” all of the time to help give some girls inspiration in their own wardrobes without limiting themselves to typical “plus-size” clothes.


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3 Laci Green

If you’re a member of #TeamInternet, you probably remember when Laci exploded (not literally!) across the Internet airwaves when the Sam Pepper scandal broke. She’s constantly speaking out about sexual harassment, answering questions for young girls about issues with their bodies, and even recently premiered her own show on MTV. This girl is definitely going places, and is quite the inspiration to stay true to the issues that matter to you!

4 Musings of a Curvy Lady

Maybe it’s just me, but I always feel like most bigger girls and body-positive fashion bloggers on the Internet almost always stick to a particular “retro” style. That’s what I love so much about Thamarr’s blog, Musings of a Curvy Lady—that isn’t her style. Her style is eclectic, bright, and fun. Her clothes really remind me of Mindy Kaling, which if you know me, is the highest compliment I can give!

5 The in between Girls

I think we all just need to take a second and slow clap it out for Miss Bianca K. Vaccarini. She runs the blog The In-Between Girls, a blog for the girls who always seem to be in-between sizes, the girls who can’t find anything that fits right, and the girls who just want to be able to shop at their favorite stores without sizing being an issue. Hasn’t this been an issue for nearly every woman who has ever lived in today’s modern world? Her style is such a gorgeous and modern range that no matter your style, you’ll find something you love!

6 Cassey Ho

Cassey Ho gets a hard time from a lot of curvy girls as one of the few successful fitness vloggers on the Internet. However, I’ve always thought she was pretty body-positive, and that’s there nothing wrong with trying to be as healthy as possible no matter your size. If you didn’t think she was body-positive before, you definitely should after her recent Photoshop video went viral.

7 Meghan Tonjes

Meghan Tonjes originally gained YouTube fame from her YouTube covers, however, these days, she makes a variety of different videos on a variety of different topics. She proudly calls herself the leader of the Booty Revolution, and a lot of her videos are about accepting your body no matter your weight. She will definitely be one of your favorites if she isn’t already.

Who are your favorite body-positive bloggers and vloggers? Do any of these ladies make the cut? Let me know who I should check out in the comments!

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