7 Bloggers to Follow during Fashion Weeks ...

The best bloggers to follow during fashion weeks are the ones with front row seats and access all areas passes. While the fashion industry seems to have a love-hate relationship with fashion bloggers, bloggers are a common sight during fashion week and they seem like they’ll be sticking around from some time yet. Some of the biggest fashion bloggers are regular fixtures at shows and they provide excellent coverage either via their blogs or social media channels. These are just some fashion bloggers to follow during the various fashion weeks.

1. Susie Lau

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Susie Lau of Style Bubble fame (stylebubble.co.uk) has to be one of the best bloggers to follow during the different fashion weeks. Her coverage of events is thoughtful and intelligent, and you’ll find plenty of her own photographs showcased on the blog (snapped from the front row of course). You can also follow her Instagram and Twitter accounts for up-to-the-minute action.

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