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So You Want to Start a Fashion Blog Here's How ...

By Neecey

Are you a fashionista extraordinaire? Are you a style maven? Are you passionate about wanting to inspire other women? Here’s how to enter the world of fashion blogging.

1 Find a Niche

One of the key things when thinking about how to start a fashion blog is to find a niche. There are literally thousands of fashion blogs on the internet. Make yours stand out by dedicating it to certain element within fashion like shoes, a specific brand, or even a specific budget band. This will make your blog stand out and it will be more likely to be found in search engines.

2 Buy Your Domain Name

Though there are a number of great free hosting services available out there, make your blog look really professional by paying for your own personal domain name. Not only will this make your site look much more authentic, it will also be easier for people to remember, compared to an URL that has a few extensions after your blog name.

3 Show Some Personality

Don’t be afraid to make the blog a bit personal and informal at times. The majority of people visit blogs because they get the human touch that large fashion house websites don’t offer. Your readers should feel like they really have a sense of who you are and how passionate you are about the subject matter.

4 Think of a Catchy Title

With so much competition online, something like “Emma’s Fashion Blog’ really isn’t going to cut it. Spend some time considering what exactly you will be blogging about and try to come up with a fun and memorable blog name that will help your site to stand out from the rest.

5 Commit to a Posting Schedule

One thing online readers really value in their favorite blogs is a regular and kept-to posting schedule. Make a plan of how much and when you are going to post, and stick to it. Hopefully you will build a large fan base and they will expect your posts to be on time and at regular intervals.

6 Consider a Web Designer

If you are really serious about making your blog look just as good as some of the professional sites out there, then it might be worth considering hiring a web designer to really give your blog the star treatment. Though you could no doubt experiment with different color schemes and layouts, getting a professional to help can save you valuable time and effort.

7 Promote Yourself on Social Media

Do not expect to automatically create a successful blog with a ready-made following. Utilize your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and any other profiles you might have in order to drum up as much interest and awareness as possible. Be careful not to be too overzealous though; pick and choose your promotion times!

8 Try to Build Connections

Once your blog has been up and running for a while, reach out to retailers and other bloggers to try to create a network of contacts. You may be asked to review certain collections for brands or to write a guest post for another blog, all of these things are great and stem from being proactive.

9 Don’t Give up!

Finally, even though there may be times when you don’t want to bother or do not feel particularly inspired, always try to maintain your online presence. The worst thing you can do is go too quiet for too long, as readers will simply move on to another blog. Try to stay inspired and you will be really proud of the things that you can achieve.

I will just add that despite every list of how to earn extra money includes having a blog, blogging won’t earn you a load of money – you have to work EXTREMELY hard to earn even a few dollars. You can be successful but don’t expect overnight fame. Best to be a fashion blogger because you love it and if there are monetary rewards down the line, that’s a bonus. Can you see yourself setting the fashion blogging world alight?

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