7 Brilliant Ways to Shop like a Pro ...


Shopping is an art, and a skill, and there are definitely brilliant ways to shop like a pro! With pro shopping, you'll have a gold-standard closet. Goodbye to mornings where you can't find a matching top or the perfect sweater to go over your new fall dress. And say hello to picture-perfect outfits and a fun style all your own, finally! Get it going on and check out 7 ways to shop like a pro!

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Try It on

One of the best tips among ways to shop like a pro is to not be afraid to just try it on! If something looks cute, I'll definitely want to try it! If I just love the pattern or fabric, I'll still try it. Perfect silhouette but not sure about the color? Again - try it! You never, ever know. And, hey, the whole point of shopping is to have fun, right? Indulge in that time, and try it on! You'll discover new shapes, new colors and new styles you didn't even know you would like. Plus, it's fun trying on clothes. You'll never be caught wondering "what if" about that crazy, killer green skirt!



Let yourself be focused. Yeah, shopping is supposed to be fun, but it's okay to ignore your phone. Text that you'll call later, or set an alarm so that you don't even have to check it until it's time to leave. By allowing yourself to focus, you'll really shop and won't miss a thing.


Know What You're after

Sometimes, especially when you're shopping for a vacation, a particular party or even just a new season, it helps to know what you're after. This will make your budget happy, and your wardrobe happier! Look through your closet before your shopping trip and see if there are any definite "needs." Remember what you've recently seen in a magazine and wanted. You'll go prepared!


Think about Your Closet

What's in your closet and what could it use? Need some basics, need more brights? Think about what you already own and try not to get anything too similar. Chances are, if you own two perfect, sleeveless black dresses, you'll like one over the other. If you already have a "perfect," don't try to double up on it. Go for other things.


Think "Outfits"

Clothing pieces are great, but it's outfits that you have to wear. Think in terms of outfits... remember if there's something you need to make that perfect outfit. Don't get a blazer that'll work great with your red pants in terms of fit if it's purple.


Leave It Alone

I've learned this one the hard way! After purchasing something, unless you're already totally sure from your dressing room test, leave it in the closet for a bit. Just a few days or a week. Then, try your new piece on again! You'll know if it's still up to par.


Spend a Bit More

Some items are just worth spending a bit more money on. It's okay to up your level on a nice coat you'll use every winter, a great pair of jeans or an awesome pair of leather black boots. Spend a bit more on the most classic pieces that you know you won't get sick of, and can use consistently!

Shop, shop, shop away and keep it fun - but smart! What are your favorite tips?

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