Bringing Sexy Back - These '90s Trends Are Quickly Making a Comeback ...


Now that we're well into the 21st century, '90s clothing is now considered vintage - which is quite a shock for those of us old enough to remember it the first time round! And as fashion always does, '90s trends are now making a comeback. Some of them are just the thing for the girl who likes a bit of sexy style. Here are some of the '90s trends that are back this year …

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Baby Tees

Baby Tees Do you think you don't have the figure for a crop top? Try a baby tee instead. Although these tops are cropped, they don't sit right under your bust line. If you wear them with a high-waisted skirt or pants, you'll just have a little bit of skin on view. It's a good way to stay cool without having to show your stomach if you're not so confident about it.



Grunge Grunge clothing might seem the very antithesis of sexiness, but sexy doesn't have to be revealing. There's something very appealing about a girl who's comfortable with her own style. Denim shorts over pantyhose, a beanie pulled over messy bed hair, or smudged eye liner are all ways to be sexy without showing any flesh whatsoever.


Slip Dresses

Slip Dresses Slip dresses have been out of fashion for a while, but this year they're making a comeback. And unlike in the '90s, you don't have to have a model figure to wear them. Today's slip dresses aren't as clingy as their predecessors. You can also cover your slip dress with a loose jacket or kimono, to make it less revealing.



Chokers If you've always steered away from chokers because you don't like anything too tight around your neck, look for the modern version of this '90s favorite. These sit a little bit lower than before. Look for a choker that sits in the little hollow between your clavicles (the long bones in front of your shoulders).


Ripped Denim

Ripped Denim Ripped and distressed denim is back again. What's sexy about this look? It shows that little bit of skin without revealing too much. There's also something cool about not needing your clothes to be perfect. If you prefer your denim intact, opt for boot cut jeans, which can be worn with heels - perfect for adding some extra height if you're not so tall!



Overalls You might have been a toddler the last time you wore overalls in the '90s, but some celebs are sporting them today. If you want to rock a pair, make sure they fit you and aren't too baggy, or you'll look like a '90s throwback and not a modern girl. Wear them with a fitted tee or shirt, and don't leave one of the straps loose (unless you're going for hillbilly chic!).


Plaid Shirts Tied around Your Waist

Plaid Shirts Tied around Your Waist There's something so casually sexy about a plaid shirt tied around your waist. Think of how often Kylie Jenner throws one around her waist; in fact, all the Kardashian/Jenner sisters love this style. Maybe it's the way of making a masculine garment so feminine that works so well.

As with any trend, it's smart to pick one element and mix it with other garments, so that it doesn't make you look like you're visiting from 1995! What trend from the past would you like to see come back, and which do you think should stay in the past?

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i love the 90s

yay 90's!

Slip dresses are my favorite. I like to wear them all day every day just throw on a blouse and off you go.

Blah blah blah "the original grunge". Boo hoo, Everything will never be as it once was, and I'm sure you're too young to even recall "real" grunge anyways.

Oh please ! No more grunge and ripped clothing! It just makes you look like a kid who takes no pride in herself. What man fancies someone who looks a as if she can't even care for herself let alone anyone else?

This is my favorite link! Here we read about everything and we enjoy it to the fullest!

This is my lifestyle💕

i love 90s fashion!!

Oh please make it all stop 😭

90's fashion of my era 🤗

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