9 Stunning Fashion-Forward Trends from Classic Films ...

There are so many fashion-forward trends from classic films, some you know quite well – like Audrey Hepburn's stunning LBD – and some you don't. In fact, many of your favorite trends may well come from your favorite films, because movies create iconic characters, iconic quotes, and iconic fashions as well. Take a look at these amazing trends from classic films and see if they're lurking around in your wardrobe.

1. Holly Golightly's Timeless LBD

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Breakfast at Tiffany's was a wonderfully stylish film, but in addition to strands of pearls, French twists, and tuxedo shirts that double as pajamas, Holly's flawless LBD quickly became one of the biggest trends from classic films. It was an instant classic, and it wasn't the only trend Audrey Hepburn spearheaded through her films – see Sabrina and Funny Face for a start.

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