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Thanks to one girl named Taylor Swift, co-ordinates are very much in style this year. If you're looking for a way to rock the trend yourself, look no further than this list!

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Green and Pink

dress,clothing,day dress,pink,sleeve, Via Kate Spade Invites You To ...
These two bright colors pair perfectly together!


Simple Stripes

white,clothing,sleeve,t shirt,dress, Via Tuesday Ten: August Style Tips
If you're looking to test the waters of this co-ordinates trend, these simple stripes are a great way to go.


Try Something New

clothing,dress,sleeve,pattern,swimwear, Via Wave Stripes Backless Halterneck Crop ...
I love that this pattern is so simple yet still makes such a bold statement.


Corset and Skirt

hair,clothing,dress,blond,beauty, Via 40 Beautiful Examples Of Girls ...
This cropped corset and tight skirt manage to look sophisticated and playful at the same time.


Maxi Skirt and Top

white,clothing,sleeve,dress,costume, Via White High Waist Contrast Sheer ...
I think I'm in love with this maxi skirt. Paired with the top, it's a beautiful spring look.


Fun Pattern

clothing,dress,fashion,spring,season, Via Imachicnation: Pre Coachella Pop Up ...
This fun pattern is perfect for a music festival or if you're just going for a bohemian look!


Scuba Set

clothing,dress,beauty,supermodel,fashion, Via Ecstasy Models — Express By ...
Something about this material reminds me of scuba, which makes it the perfect summer look!


Pretty in Pink

hair,clothing,human positions,blond,lady, Via Taylor Swift's One-Step Tip For ...
Taylor Swift always looks perfect, and this co-ordinate look is no exception.


Mediterranean Look

clothing,dress,sleeve,pattern,design, Via Alessandra Aiardo Design - Dove ...
I think I've mentioned this co-ordinate set in a ton of my articles lately, but I'm still in love with it, so I have to mention it. This Mediterranean look is to die for.


Bold Stripes

clothing,sleeve,cheerleading uniform,dress,abdomen, Via ASOS Shell Top in Wide ...
The thicker your stripes are, the bigger the statement you're making.


Cut-out Co-ordinates

New York City,clothing,dress,leg,fashion, Via Can You Dig These Celebs' ...
As per usual, Taylor Swift rocks the trendiest outfits and looks effortless while doing so.


Paisley Co-Ordinates

clothing,dress,undergarment,thigh,leg, Via 14 Socks And Tights That ...
I love that I can't exactly pinpoint what the pattern of these co-ordinates is, but I am sure that I absolutely love this look!


Chic, Classic,and Cool

clothing,dress,fashion,little black dress,supermodel, Via Sexy / Classic / Cool
This simple pattern looks so chic and effortless.


Metallic Stripes

clothing,footwear,fashion,dress,spring, Via NYFW Spring 2015 Street Style: ...
At first look, this pattern looks so simple, but its slight sheen adds the perfect touch to it!


Bright and Wild

clothing,pink,sleeve,dress,fashion, Via Mother of Pearl Spring/Summer 2014 ...
If you're looking to really make a statement, this is the way to go. I love how loud this look is.


Tropicana Co-Ordinates

clothing,day dress,yellow,orange,sleeve, Via Mura Online Fashion Boutique | ...
This is the perfect summer, tropical look.


Striped Co-Ordinates, the Old Classic

color,snapshot,road,street,shopping, Via What's trending... - My Fash ...
You may be sick of striped co-ordinates, but this version is so chic. The off-the-shoulder look reminds me of something you'd see in Paris.


Floral and Sheer

clothing,day dress,pink,dress,sleeve, I love this sheer look, plus the floral print reminds me of something you'd wear to a garden wedding.


Ted Baker Opulent Bloom Co-ord

clothing,day dress,dress,sleeve,cocktail dress, Via ASOS | Shop women's fashion ...
Ted Baker can do no wrong, and this set is proof of that.


Green and Blue

clothing,green,dress,pattern,spring, Via The Look: 5 Fresh Ways ...
You may tend to think that green and blue is reserved for the colder months, but this floral set will definitely change your mind about that!


Pinks and Purples and Blues, Oh My!

clothing,dress,pink,fashion,spring, Via Garden Party | KTRstyle
This look is so versatile. You can wear it during the day or at night!


70s Pattern

clothing,dress,spring,fashion,season, Via VINTAGEVIRGIN
Okay, before you start associating this pattern with your grandma's couch, hear me out. This is a gorgeous retro look for an indie concert!


Blue Geometric Matching Set

dress,clothing,day dress,blue,sleeve, Via Geometric Crop Top + Skirt ...
I love the different shapes and designs making a statement with this look!


Not Too Matchy

supermodel,fashion show,fashion,dress,flooring, Via Bella Thorne turns 17!
If you love the look of matching co-ordinates but think that they're a little too matchy for you, this is the perfect choice for you!


Spring Florals

pink,clothing,sleeve,dress,spring, Via C l a s s ...
These pastel and neon florals are so perfect for spring!


Pastel Blue

bicycle,road bicycle,vehicle,land vehicle,racing bicycle, Via MIXTE 3
This blue paired with a maxi skirt is so beautiful and retro.

What's your favorite co-ord look? Let me know in the comments!

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Thanks to Taylor Swift? I remember co-ordinates being "the thing" since the 80's. Hell, even men were wearing co-ordinating short sets. Let's stop giving these "entertainers" credit for things that have been out forever.

Very nice

Very cute outfits for twenty something


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