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Fall is on its way, which means you are probably looking for some fun socks to wear under your boots. I know I am! When you have to bundle up against the cold day in and day out, it's always exciting to wear a pair of fun socks to make yourself smile, even if no one else knows you are wearing them. Check out these great pairs and you'll be ready to round out your collection.

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Pencil Knee High

Pencil Knee High Via Sock Dreams - Pencil Knee ...
These fun socks are super fun for the first day of school! Or just about anytime you want to wear them.



Penguins Via Kindred Soles Socks in Penguin ...
These short socks are so adorable and they'll make you happy any time you look at them.


Color Blocks

Color Blocks Via ambidex-store.jp
You could pair these colorful socks with so many of the pieces of clothing in your wardrobe.


Custom Fun Dip

Custom Fun Dip Via Custom Fun Dip Candy Socks ...
I love Fun Dip! These are really fun socks and you can bet no one else will have the same pair.


Lots of Pattern

Lots of Pattern Via Free People Triangle Crew Sock
There's a lot going on here, but these socks are super cute! They would look great with both brown and black.


Just a Little Yellow

Just a Little Yellow Via 10 Cozy Pieces To Refresh ...
A small dose of color is just what you need to brighten up a dreary fall day. Choose yellow like these, or go for any of your favorite colors.


Constellation Socks

Constellation Socks Via Constellation Men's Socks
Any fan of astronomy or star gazing will love these socks covered in constellations.


Toe Socks

Toe Socks Via I LOVE ..........
These are fun, colorful and warm! What more could you ask for from a pair of socks?


Anatomically Correct

Anatomically Correct Via Bone-Revealing Socks : fun socks
These socks will tell you just what you feet and legs look like on the inside. Cool, don't you think?



Bones Via Accessories | PLASTICLAND
These might not be as technical, but they are still fun. I'd wear them on Halloween.


Pair It up

Pair It up Via en.onccc.com
Mix and match your socks with your best friend or sister and you'll smile any time you put them on.


Take Your Pick

Take Your Pick Via Fab.com | Fab is Everyday ...
With all these options, I would have a really hard time choosing which pair to wear first.


Lots of Color

Lots of Color Via Welcome to ahgaga
The more color on your socks, the more fun they are to wear.


Strawberry Socks

Strawberry Socks Via modcloth.com
These are so adorable! If you love strawberries, you'll love wearing these around all fall and winter long.


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman You do a lot in one day so show off your skills by wearing your powers on your feet.


Animal Print

Animal Print Via squidoo.com
A little bit of animal print never goes out of style so add these socks to your drawer.


Drake's Latest Album

Via Drake Custom Nike Hyper Elite ...
If you're a Drake fan, you'll definitely love to have these socks.


Neon Colors

Via Watch: Behind The Scenes At ...
Neon colors are back in a huge way and if you want to ease into the trend, these socks are definitely the way to go.


Shark Bite FUN Socks

Via nylonjournal.com
Who wouldn't want to wear these super cute socks? My kids would love them!


Bright Coral

This is such a fun color! A pair of socks in this hue would pair great with jeans.


A Little Girly

A Little Girly Via Spot Me Socks in Cream ...
The cute little bow on these socks makes them just the right touch of girly while also being warm.


All the Planets

Via joyofsocks.com
These cute planet socks are fun for anyone, but I think a science teacher should definitely have a pair.


Stripes All over

Stripes All over Via Sock Dreams - Peacock Stripe ...
You can't go wrong with a great pair of striped socks like these!



Patriotic Via USA Sock- from Urban Outfitters ...
Pay homage to the United States any day of the week with these cool socks on your feet.


Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors Via Rock, Paper, Scissors Womens Socks ...
These socks just make me smile! They are fun and mean something all at the same time.


Orange and Pink

Via Happy Socks 'X' Socks | ...
Orange and pink pair well together and these socks are no exception.


Banana and Egg Socks

Banana and Egg Socks Via grunge-style.tumblr.com
Breakfast on your socks? These are wonderful!


Colored Animal Print

Via beso.com
If you love animal print, you'll love it even more in lots of bright colors.


Polka Dots

Via Mens Clothing, Clothes for Men ...
Who doesn't love polka dots? On socks, they are absolutely perfect.


Lots of Pattern

Lots of Pattern Via Items similar to Wool socks, ...
Here's another example of how hard it is to choose which pair you want when you have so many fun options.


Food Socks

Via I <3 Random
These fun food themed socks would make me hungry when I put them on.


Sushi Socks

Sushi Socks Via Sushi Socks, Fun and Delicious ...
These are some of the cutest socks I have ever seen! I want them all.


Music Socks

Music Socks Via Kids Keyboard Socks from Piano ...
Piano lovers will adore wearing these socks. Perhaps during a lesson or performance for luck?


Bolt of Lightening

Via Let&#x27;s Bolt Socks | Mod ...
These are cute for men or women. Get a matching pair!



Via Ruffle the Fun Socks | ...
These are super adorable! What girl doesn't love ruffles? Would you wear these?


They Look like Shoes

They Look like Shoes Via Sock Thing
I love those cute baby socks that look like shoes, but check out these for adults. Love them!

Do you wear crazy socks? What's your favorite pair?

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I am obsessed with fun socks, if only i could upload my sock draw for u lol fun article x

Love the socks, wish I had them all.

I knit my own!

I love the ruffles!!!!

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