7 Common Halloween Costumes You'll See at Every Party ...


7 Common Halloween Costumes You'll See at Every Party ...
7 Common Halloween Costumes You'll See at Every Party ...

You will see these common Halloween costumes at every party you attend this year. It seems there are just some looks that are always popular. These 7 common Halloween costumes are among the most purchased outfits every year, so keep an eye out for these characters the next time you go to a Halloween party.

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Nurse One of the most common Halloween costumes is definitely the nurse outfit. This look usually consists of a short, low-cut, button up dress, stockings, a nurse’s hat, and a plastic stethoscope. The costume and accessories are usually white and red but sometimes you will see variations of the look. I went as a nurse one year (a zombie nurse, but still, a nurse) and I was far from the only one at the party with the same nurse outfit. Out of all the common Halloween costumes, I think this one may be the most used for women.



Witch Witch costumes have been a staple for Halloween for a very long time. Why shouldn’t they be, since the holiday is steeped in legends of witches? You can find witch outfits in many different styles, but most will include a pointed hat and a broomstick. From there, however, there are many different variations. Some choose to go with the legend that witch’s have green skin and huge noses. If you’re going to a college Halloween party, I’m sure the place will be packed with “naughty witches.” Others may choose to go as a witch with gothic or Victorian influences. At the party, you may see one of these types of witches or all three.



Vampire Vampire costumes are popular among both men and women. With the popularity of books, movies, and TV series like Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and True Blood, there seems to be more vampire Halloween costumes now than ever. While there are many different variations for a vampire Halloween costume, no outfit is complete without a pair of fangs. Vampire costumes have been a Halloween staple long before the release of Twilight and I believe this common Halloween costume will be around long after as well.



Cat It’s no secret that people have had a fascination with cats since the beginning of time, so it’s no wonder dressing as a cat is one of the most common Halloween costumes. One reason I think it’s so popular is that it is relatively simple. Sure, you could buy a full costume at the store, but that isn’t necessary. All you need is a cat ear headband and an existing black or leopard print dress to pull off the look. I have seen people go all out and even draw whiskers on their faces. With the popularity of cats on the Internet, I don’t think this common Halloween costume will be going away anytime soon.



Pirate Pirate costumes are also popular for men and women. It’s a great couple outfit, which is one reason why I think this look is so popular. This common costume is a lot of fun because there are so many different accessories you can choose to go along with your look. You can choose from eye patches, hoop earrings, parrots, golden doubloons, spyglasses, hats, vests, swords, slouchy boots, headscarves, or all of the above. This common Halloween costume is one of the more customizable ones. I guarantee you will see a mixture of all of these at the Halloween parties you go to this year.



Zombie Zombies are another common Halloween costume. I see several zombies every time I go to a Halloween party. I noticed an increase of zombie-themed costumes after The Walking Dead premiered on AMC. This is another costume that you can easily make yourself, which may contribute to its popularity as an outfit choice. Fake blood, wounds, and stage makeup can be cheaper to buy than a packaged zombie costume but I have seen both looks at Halloween parties and I’m sure you have too.


Super Heroes

Super Heroes Super heroes are another common Halloween costume. Men and women both love to dress up as their favorite super hero. They also make great couples costumes, which is one reason I think they are so popular. It seems the most common super hero people dress up as depends on pop culture. When the Dark Knight trilogy came out, there were tons of Batman costumes at parties. I wonder if we’ll see more Superman costumes this year since Man of Steel came out?

I’m willing to bet you will see these common Halloween costumes at the parties you attend this year. There is nothing wrong with wearing a common Halloween costume, especially since many of them are rooted in tradition. What type of costume do you always see during the Halloween season?

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Devil - always!

Any character from Harry Potter. Every year I see at least two people as Harry Potter characters!

Playboy bunny - every time!

Police!! Lol

Anything in uniform! Officers, firefighters, jail birds. EVERY PARTY.

This year: Miley Cyrus.

xD well now we know what to NOT be!

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