7 Problems with Women's Clothing Every Girl Can Relate to ...


7 Problems with Women's Clothing Every Girl Can Relate to ...
7 Problems with Women's Clothing Every Girl Can Relate to ...

If you really analyze the items in your closet and think about the whole picture, you will realize that there are quite a few problems with women’s clothing. Most cuts, designs, and materials are completely impractical for everyday wear! Some sizes don’t make sense and certain items don’t even serve their purpose, but we take it as a norm. Let’s further examine common problems with women’s clothing that we encounter every day.

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Fake Pockets

What I am never able to fathom is the idea of fake pockets that manufacturers of women’s clothing seem to incorporate into almost every design. It's one of the single most important problems with women's clothing that has been bothering us all. There is a way of designing flattering dresses and other statement fashion pieces while still incorporating useful aspects of clothing. Men tend to take their pockets for granted, while women have to suffer from inconveniences by dragging along purses wherever they go.


Shorts Are More Expensive than Jeans

It is only logical that jeans that use a lot more fabric during production should cost more than a pair of short shorts. However, this never happens! I can almost guarantee that if you visit the mall right now and explore the prices for jeans and shorts, they would either be equal or shorts will be marked at a higher price. It makes no sense but somehow we are all okay with that.


No Pockets

One thing that is worse than having fake pockets is having no pockets at all. You can’t even slip a lip-gloss or a credit card in anywhere! It is as if this was all purposely planned out in order to raise the economy by forcing women to purchase bags to fit every style of clothing in their wardrobe. It’s impractical and completely wasteful.


See-through Material

While some blouses and shirt designs can get away with having see-through material, others just seem completely inappropriate on, unless you wear a camisole under. However, what is the point of buying a see-through shirt when you will always have to wear something else with it? If only manufacturers used thicker materials, women wouldn’t have to layer up just so they could look appropriate for work or school.


Swimsuits Are Sold Separately for Sky-high Prices

When summer is around the corner, there is nothing more stressful than having to shop for a new swimsuit. Not only is it hard to find the one that will perfectly hug your curves but also the swimsuits themselves are marked at a ridiculous price. Plus once you splurge on one half of the swimsuit, you have to buy the other!


One Size Fits All

Recently several stores for women’s clothing have started a ‘one size fits all’ trend. One size does not fit all, not even most! We are all shaped differently so there is no way that the entire female demographic will be able to fit into one size. It truly makes no sense and causes even more body issues in young girls.


Arbitrary Sizes

In comparison to men’s clothing sizes, women’s clothing sizes are completely meaningless and arbitrary. Men’s sizes are usually based on waist size and inseam but when it comes to women’s clothing, nothing seems to make any logical sense. Therefore it is not surprising that while you might be a size 2 in American Eagle jeans, you will turn out to be a size 8 in H&M!

Fashion has always been an interesting aspect of women’s lives. Women are able to express their individuality through a form of art, but some of the clothing items really don’t make any logical sense. What are your thoughts on women’s fashion?

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H&M carries American and European sizes. To convert the sizes, you must buy up a few sizes. I am a 2 in American sizes, but an 8 in European sizes, so your observation is spot on! But a brand other than H&M would do better to demonstrate your point about arbitrary sizing in women's clothing. I wouldn't want H&M's business to suffer.

OH MY FREAKING GOSH! The no pockets thing drives me crazy!!!!!!!

Everything is either paper thin or cropped,like why? Not every girl wants a paper thin cropped shirt 😒 not to mention finding dresses that fit a girl with thick thighs and a bigger booty while still trying to look cute is hard af

The swim suit thing isn't a problem it actually makes a lot of sense. You could be very well endowed up top but have very little as far as hips or a bum go or vice versa having no chest and a rear that Sir Mix-a-Lot would be proud of and thus wear two different sizes of bathing suit. Plus by selling them as separates you can pick the style top and bottom you want so you have a swim suit that flatters your body. But the vanity sizing thing is annoying.

I disagree on some of these

That's a fair point by Cat on the swimsuits (comment above) but other than that, this was a good article highlighting some of the things I find a bit bamboozling about women's fashion, good piece :-)

Hopefully the manufacturers recognize that this issue exists. In this age of technology we should be more than capable to solve this problem.

Also the dress Sizes are incredibly small

I don't think she's saying the bathing suit separates are a problem, it's the outrageous pricing.

My problem: large bottom small top.

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