7 Types of Dresses Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe ...

No woman’s wardrobe is complete without a dress, and there are certain dresses every woman should own, in my opinion. Now, don’t get me wrong; if I had a choice, I’d wear jeans over a dress any day and every day. Yet, I’ve learned that dresses are essential for moments you may not even realize. For instance, you meet someone extra special and jeans just won’t do. Or perhaps you have a special event at a church or party to go to that requires the use of the right dress. Or, maybe you just got a killer job that requires you to wear dressier clothes than just pants. For all these reasons and more, there are certain dresses every woman should own.

1. The LBD

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Yep, ladies, we all know the most important dress of all the dresses every woman should own is the LBD, or Little Black Dress. A black dress that fits you well, is the perfect length for your height, and is up to date in style is pretty much crucial. You’ll use it for everything from social events, funerals, party events, charity events, some community events, speaking engagements, and even weddings if styled the right way. One of my favorite tricks is wearing it multiple ways. I’ve worn one of my favorite LBDs with a colorful cardigan, a sassy pair of colored high heels and matching purse, clever and colorful jewelry schemes, and worn it simply, just the way it is, with a classic pair of black heels. If it is knee length, you could even pair it with some dressier ballet flats too.

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