20 Worst Fashion Mistakes a Girl Can Make ...


20 Worst Fashion Mistakes a Girl Can Make ...
20 Worst Fashion Mistakes a Girl Can Make ...

Worst fashion mistakes a girl or a woman can’t risk making deserve quite a bit of space, my ladies, so do take not that this is going to be a pretty long list. On the bright side, you may even enjoy a few laughs or feel encouraged to take a trip down the memory lane and laugh over a particular fashion faux pas of your own or feel good about all those common fashion mistakes you’ve managed to avoid with success! But, let me spare you the long intro and share my top 20 worst no-no’s:

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Showing Too Much

Showing Too Much Showing too much of anything doesn’t make you look sexy! Furthermore, it’s one of the worst fashion mistakes in my book and pretty much any book out there. Sure, we can turn a blind eye but only if you’re younger than 20 which is generally considered a perfect age to invest in a few tops than reach past your belly button and learn that showing it all doesn’t guarantee you attention..or, at least, not any positive attention.


“Muffin Tops”

“Muffin Tops” Having a bit of a problem with those hated “love handles” and being a total fan of low rise jeans I have, too, been tempted to say “Oh, what the heck” and ignore that fleshy overflow. Not a good road to take at all, ladies, so do take my advice and don’t let this fashion faux pas ever leave your rooms. The so called “muffin top” will literally butcher your fine physique, making your legs look shorter and your waist chunkier!


Being Stuck in past

Being Stuck in past Okay, let’s talk about one of the most common fashion mistakes women, from what I could note, usually in their thirties, forties and fifties are prone to and that’s being stuck in one specific period of their lives and refusing to acknowledge the fact that their bodies/lifestyle or simply fashion has changed. Some get stuck in their teens, refusing to let go of spaghetti strap tees, some are clinging to a certain image of themselves not fully realizing they need to readjust their focus and maybe experiment with different shapes and cuts and there are even some that favor a certain period of time and its fashion, refusing to go with the flow. Not an intentional fashion mistake for sure but definitely one that keeps those ladies from looking their best (remember TLC’s What Not to Wear?)!


Improper Fit

Improper Fit Next on my list of worst fashion mistakes is, of course, wearing clothes that don’t fit right! Too large, too small – it doesn’t really matter, the point is that both can and do look bad and, even worse, make you look bad! Don’t hide in the folds of your baggy outfit and don’t try to squeeze yourself into something just for the sake of being able to say “I’m a size so-and-so”. Your outfit needs to have shape and structure, it needs to show off your best parts, flatter your curves and be kind to your critical spots.


Poor Choice of Materials

Poor Choice of Materials Although synthetic materials are generally a valid choice for evening attire not to mention quite a popular ingredient of many well made blends, there comes a time in every woman’s life when she really has to start paying attention to the inner labels, basing her choice on the quality of fabrics used to create a garment in question. Now, I don’t say we should switch to fine silks and whatnot overnight but yes, a quality “basic” piece is definitely worth a whole lot more than 5 so-and-so items bought on a whim, it will look good for years and will allow you to put together many wonderful not to mention classy looks.


Bling Overload

Bling Overload Playing up your outfit with a couple of carefully chosen pieces of jewelry is a definite DO and I really admire women who have a talent for mixing and matching and are always capable of pulling off a new trend perfectly. Over-doing it, however, is downright one of the worst fashion mistakes out there and probably something you’ll want to make sure to avoid, unless you really have a knack for keeping the Christmas spirit strong all year long. Wait…strike that… looking like a Christmas tree is never a good way… well… that’s pretty much it!


Getting Too Creative with Tights

Getting Too Creative with Tights Okay, so here’s the thing – I love tights and although I’d usually pair them up with a tunic or a longer top/sweater/whatever and opt for dark colors, I don’t agree gym is the only place you can allow yourself to wear the garment in question. Getting too creative with them…now, that’s a whole different story and quite an interesting one, for that matter, with more than just one fashion faux pas to point my finger at. Colors-sure, if you can pull them off, animal print…well, seeing a few amazingly stylish ensembles out there, I’d have to go with “maybe”, yet anything that looks like it has suffered some serious clawing or a pack of rabid animals is a no-go and the same can be said for a)tights worn under a denim skirt, b)tights worn under a girly summer dress and c) all possible forms and variations of a denim cutouts plus tights combo!


Obviously Fake Tan

Obviously Fake Tan Tanning booths, airbrush and DIY at-home solutions are all some pretty cool inventions you can go ahead and use in case your fair complexion makes you feel uncomfortable at times. Yet, there’s a strict line between “using” and “abusing” and it’s not a thin one either! The latter, of course, always results in some nasty looking side-effect even men hate – glowing, orange tan! Not cool!



Thong-a-Boo Well, this right here might easily be the worst fashion mistake ever and I believe you’ll agree! Choosing the right underwear isn’t rocket science and although matching individual garments can sometimes prove to be tough work, your entire effort goes down the drain if you neglect this crucial thing!


Touching-up Day Old Makeup

Touching-up Day Old Makeup Yes, I’m being serious – a few rare specimens of our truly fabulous sex do believe makeup looks best when slept on with the only thing required to complete the next-day look being as simple as wiping off a few smudges, applying a fresh coat of mascara and slapping on a fresh coat of foundation. Oh my! Now, I know this isn’t along the lines of what not to wear and how to dress properly but still… not cool! Nor particularly healthy, for that matter!


Over-Doing Office Wardrobe

Over-Doing Office Wardrobe Glitzy, shiny wardrobe as well as bold colored satins and lacy bits have no place in anyone’s office wardrobe and the fact that something is “trendy” and “hot” right now, doesn’t mean it’s office-appropriate as well! We’ve done plenty of posts on how to glam-up your work attire before pointing out that there are ways to be both chic and trendy without going over-board with either the embellishments or the outfit itself.


Incredibly Pointy Shoes

Incredibly Pointy Shoes Admit it ladies, anyone old enough to wear heels back in the days when “pointy” actually meant there’s a good inch (and maybe even two) between the tip of your big toe and the tip of your shoe is guilty as charged! Yet, as whacked as they were, ridiculously pointy shoes have been quite a trendy item so do add five points in case you’ve worn them as well but take 50 off if you’re wearing them still!


Dirty Shoes

Dirty Shoes Do I even need to go into explaining why this had to end up on my list of worst fashion mistakes? I think not! It’s a big no-no for a man, ask any girl, and it should be a definite do-not-going-to-happen for a woman too with the only excuses that can ever hope to quality as “good” being rain, snow and storm.


Juicy Tracksuits

Juicy Tracksuits Oh-la-la! We might not have a winner but I have a pretty good idea on who (or what) going to be the runner up! And I have two words for you “Juicy” and “Couture”! I really have to give it to them, though – various designers have managed to come up with some pretty whacked stuff over the years yet this just might be the first one that ought to be sporty yet is too glitzy for sport while in the same time being too sporty to qualify as a proper outfit for…well…any occasion. And that “Juicy” sign on the rear is just a ridiculous bonus!


Matching Logos

Matching Logos And the next on my list of worst fashion mistakes no woman should ever allow herself to make is something all of you had a chance to see at least once – a poster girl for Louis Vuitton! But why stop at just one brand when there’s Burberry and Gucci and, well, let’s just say that monogrammed pieces and signature fabrics could prove to be a pretty dangerous thing in wrong hands!


Fashion Road Kill

Fashion Road Kill Before I say anything let me just point out that I have nothing but love for Cavalli and its fantastic animal prints although “loving them” and “wanting to see them put together into an outfit” aren’t exactly the same things. Can we make it official? Like create a Good Book of Fashion, Ten Commandments on How To Dress Properly or something of that would allow enforcing the rule that states that getting too creative with various animal prints is a no-go? That more than one animal-print garment per outfit is a no-go?


Ripped, Stained or Scuffed Pieces of Fashion

Ripped, Stained or Scuffed Pieces of Fashion If it ain’t broken… well, before we go any further let me just say that any damage your favorite pieces of fashion have sustained needs to be taken care of before you can officially claim the item usable again! Don’t be lazy – fix that seam, re-sew a button, make sure the greasy stain is completely out or find a smart way to fix it! The same goes for your pants and shoes – tattered hems and scratched heels will take points from your looks making you appear sloppy which is, by the way, never a good thing. Not the worst fashion faux pas out there, I know, but still a very common fashion mistake rarely anyone remembers to bring up.


Black and Brown

Black and Brown New year, new trend, new fashion rules yet years come and go, rules are broken and the one about black and brown not being colors you’d want to block remains! And for a good reason, if I may add – these two colors might even look okay in a pattern but you should never ever pair your black shoes with a brown bag and vice versa.


Being over-Confident

Being over-Confident Before you start second-guessing my sanity and wonder how could this ever end up listed as the worst fashion mistake, let me paraphrase something I heard a while ago and when somewhere in the lines of “I know dressing provocatively in the office is considered bad but I have a great body, love the extra attention and trust myself enough to know that I can pull it off” LOL! Trashy is trashy and, shoot me, but I don’t see how a big head and a great body make things okay!


Makeup on the Beach

Makeup on the Beach Wearing too much makeup often rates pretty high whenever worst fashion mistakes are being discussed- but what about wearing too much makeup on that one place absolutely no makeup is needed? Nope, not the gym, I’m talking about the beach! Mascara running, lip gloss melting into your cleavage, layers upon layers of foundation threatening to do something most cosmetic companies don’t even think about testing them on – boil! Ah…the price of …err… beauty?

Ah, but there must be a few noteworthy yet very common fashion mistakes you see a lot of in your area! So do feel free to throw in your two cents and share some of the worst fashion mistakes you’ve noticed!

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lolls. this post is complete bs

I adore the outfit for #6

I agree, makeup in the beach is big no no!!

är du svensk?

Black and brown can work well together, depends how you wear it and the shade of brown

This is all your opinion. The only real fashion mistake is wearing something you don't feel confident in.

I'm pretty sure most of those are meant to be used as suggestions, and it's not like its the first time we heard them. There's nothing wrong with saying wear clothes that fit you and to stay classy, but I do agree that it was a bad choice to use that models image. And it didn't exactly show off the point she was making. Choosing pants that fit and have he best waistline for your shape is or can be a good thing.

This list is stupid. I love black and brown together, pointed heels can be pretty and whatever you've written, if followed would make us look like clones 😓

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