10 Common Summer Work Wear Mistakes to Avoid ...


Summer Work Wear can be something of a pain during these hot mid-years months, especially when it comes to choosing the right pieces! Nothing seems comfortable, cool, or cute when it's 100 degrees outside and you just want to lounge by the pool. But the summer work wear you choose is important. It says a lot about your character and your judgement. You don't want to go TOO bare, yet you don't want to cover it all up. And there are certain things you just plain avoid! So what are they? Well, If you would like to know, keep reading my article! You will be the envy of every women in the office for your fashion and intellect on summer work wear! You'll be stylin' high with these 10 common summer work wear mistakes to avoid!

1. Do Keep Your Feet Professional-Summer Work Wear Rule #1

Shoes truly do say a lot about your level of seriousness and how much you take your job for face value. You don't need to wear skyscraper heels, but a little bit of a heel is always a good idea. Toe covering sandals with chunky straps or peep toe retro wedges and flats are a very cute summer work wear option. If you aren't a shoe addict, you should still invest in a few good pairs of cute, professional shoes that will match your work outfits.

Don't Wear Flip-Flops