9 Cute Mod Dresses ...


Mod Dresses are making a huge comeback, with good reason. Mod culture and fashion have been in flux since the 1950s when the super cute trend set the stage for feminine liberation in Britain. Slashing hemlines by several inches and sporting a plethora of colorful patterns, mod dresses represent a movement in favor of feminine allure. Playful, comfortable, and a bit more modest than your typical micromini, mod dresses allow you to add a bit of flirtatiousness to your everyday wardrobe. Below are 8 cute mod dresses that truly incorporate the mod mentality.

1. Mod-ern Amenities Dress

Mod-ern Amenities Dress

Price: $87.99 at modcloth.com

For those ladies who are still experimenting with the classic, boxy shape characteristic of most mod dresses, here’s a junior edition that will help ease you into it. This eyelet, cotton shift combines a more severe silhouette with girlish frill and pomp for a mod-inspired look.

Mod Americana Dress
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