7 Different Types of Gloves You Should Own ...

By Holly

7 Different Types of Gloves You Should Own ...

Winter will be here before you know it. When it arrives, you want to be prepared for the cold weather, which is why you need to buy a few different pairs of gloves. Some of them will keep you warm while others are simply meant to make you look fashionable. Not sure what you need to buy? Here are a few different types of gloves you should own if you want to stay stylish this coming season:

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1 Adorable Evening Gloves

Adorable Evening Gloves Evening gloves like these can kill two birds with one stone. They'll look like a fashion statement, but they'll also keep you warm. The best part? You don't have to take them off with your jacket. They make an amazing accessory that'll work well with any evening dress, so you can keep them on all day long.

2 Amazing Mittens

Amazing Mittens These are the types of gloves you probably already own. Their main function is to keep you warm, but they come in many different colors and styles. That means you can buy a few pairs, so that you'll have something to match any outfit you step out of the house with.

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3 Gorgeous Gauntlet Gloves

Gorgeous Gauntlet Gloves Gauntlet gloves have an extended cuff covering part of the forearm. They mainly come in leather, which is why this type of glove is a must have. After all, don't you always feel your most badass in leather? Since it can be difficult to walk around in tight leather pants in the cold weather, leather gloves are your next best option! So make sure you pick up a pair.

4 Zesty Zipper Gloves

Zesty Zipper Gloves These gloves almost reach your elbow, which means that they'll keep you extra warm. Of course, their best feature is that they contain a zipper. It's sure to make you stand out from the crowd. After all, not many people are walking around with these types of gloves on them.

5 Lovely Lace Gloves

Lovely Lace Gloves Lace gloves won't do a good job of keeping you warm. However, they look glorious. If you're a fan of lace, but can't find an outfit that contains it, then you can spice up your regular wardrobe with a pair of these gloves. If you buy them in black, they'll match everything you own. That means you can wear them all week long if you'd like.

6 Fashionable Fingerless Gloves

Fashionable Fingerless Gloves Why would you want gloves that don't cover your fingertips? So you can text, of course! There are even fingerless gloves that have a detachable mitten on it, so you can cover up your fingers whenever the cold hits, and reveal them whenever you need to use them. How useful is that?

7 Cute Cutout Gloves

Cute Cutout Gloves Your fingers aren't the only area that your gloves can expose. If you buy cutout gloves, they'll leave an area by your wrist visible. If you love cutout dresses and skirts during the summer, then you'll love cutout gloves during the winter. They're just as adorable, don't you think?

Instead of focusing all of your energy on jewelry, you have scarves and gloves to make your outfit stand out in winter. Don't underestimate the importance of those little accessories! Do you already have enough gloves, or are you going to go shopping for more soon?

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I usually only wear gloves for winter, my fingers will freeze!


And I certainly need more gloves - it gets cold in Canada

Love the whole outfit that girl in picture 6 is wearing

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