Hot Stores with the Best Return Policies ...

By Holly

Hot Stores with the Best Return Policies ...

You should be careful about what you buy. After all, you might want to return it. That's why you need to shop at stores with amazing return policies. According to Seventeen, you should try these:

1 Nordstrom

Nordstrom On Nordstrom, you don't need to return items in their original packaging. You don't even need a receipt and there's no time limit!

2 JC Penney

black, white, black and white, photograph, image, You do need the original packaging at JC Penney, but you still don't need a receipt.

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3 Zappos

Zappos You have an entire year to return items to Zappos and online return shipping is free.

4 Macy's

hair, hairstyle, singing, singer, You might end up getting store credit instead of cash, but Macys still has a great return policy.

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5 Kohls

eyewear, black, white, black and white, person, You need the original packaging at Kohls, but you don't need a receipt.

6 Target

Target Target only gives you 90 days, but online return shipping is free.

7 Sephora

Sephora Sephora has a 60 day return policy where you don't need a receipt or the original packaging.

8 Walmart

color, pink, clothing, red, dress, Walmart offers a generous 90 day return policy, and although it needs to be returned in its original packaging you don't need to bring a receipt with you. Online returning shipping is not free.

9 Amazon

clothing, dress, performing arts, dance, fashion, Amazon has a 30 day return policy. Like Walmart, you must return it in its original packaging, however you won't need to bring your receipt. Online returning shipping is not free.

10 T.J. Maxx

human action, hair, person, hairstyle, finger, TJMaxx offers a 30 day return policy where don't need a receipt but must the original packaging is required. It may also be worth noting that online returning shipping is not free.

What other stores have great return policies?

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