Do You Dream of Becoming a Designer? Here's How to do It While You're Young ...


Breaking into the fashion business is not an easy thing to do, but I don’t need to tell you that. Rather than sitting around waiting to be old enough to chase your dreams, chase them now. You can be young and pursue a career in fashion. There’s no age restriction on that. From now on, use these tips to become a fashion designer. They’ll help you achieve your dreams when you’re still young, whether you’re in college, have just graduated, or you’re even younger than that.

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Start Your Own Business

It’s 2015. If you want to start your own fashion business, you have the resources to do so. With the help of the Internet and social media, you can start a clothing line, a blog, or even a YouTube channel. It may start out as a hobby, but it can turn into a business!


Find an Internship

If you have a list of places that you’ve always dreamt of working at, find how to apply for internships for those companies. You may just get your dream job before you’re even out of college! If you dream of working for one of the biggest companies rather than starting your own, this route is the way to go!



The more you know about your industry, the further you’ll get in it. You may want to rely on hands-on experience at a job, and while that’s great, you definitely need more than that. Read every book you can about the topic, by people who have already accomplished what you aspire to do. The more you know about fashion, the more you’ll impress potential employers!


Find a School That Works for You

It can be incredibly hard to find the perfect school for you when you want a career in fashion. There are a lot of different options and choices, and then there’s peer pressure from friends and family telling you to go to certain schools. Find the perfect choice for you, whether it’s a state school with a fashion program or a school that simply specializes in fashion.


Work Your Way up

When you’re first starting out, you probably don’t want to do things like get people coffee and run errands, but that’s how you’ll advance to better and higher jobs. It may not be where you want to start, but it will help get you where you want to go.


Find a Mentor and Support System

No matter what career you’re starting, finding a mentor should be one of your first priorities. After you’ve found a mentor who can provide advice and help during those tough decisions, find friends who are going after the same career as you. A lot of times we’re taught to fight other women for the career we want, when in reality we can all cheer each other on as we achieve our goals.


Be Nice

I once had a professor who told me something that still sticks with me today. She said, “You’ll be surprised with how far you’ll get just by being nice.” A lot of the time, we’re taught to be cutthroat to get where we want in life, especially in the fashion industry, but that doesn’t need to be the case.

What are you doing to pursue a career in fashion? Let me know your own tips in the comments!

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I love Fashion and go shopping in my closet to invent new creative styles. How many of you have developed different ways to wear a tube top. This is a multipurpose must have. I use them for headgear, belts and etc.

@heenaglitterpink those are normal feelings and fears to be nervous. You are normal girlfriend ! Don't let those things stop you , face them head on. I'm 41 and I still get nervous about certain things. Never let it hold you back. You all can do it, put your whole heart into your goals and you can't go wrong and NEVER care what anyone thinks of you , don't let that stop you.

I love guitar and I want to be a musician but I also love fashion and art and writing and cooking and I know I probably will have to only chose one when I get older... So many decisions!

i wanna become a fashion designer to but it seems to hard plus i get nervous when it comes to speaking in public

@Julianna & Elli.. You girls can be anything you put your mind to. You don't have to pick just one Julianne, you can do it & don't let anything hold you back from your dreams! I wish you both nothing but the best!


I'm 12 and I'm already starting a business

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