7 Coolest Careers in Fashion Every Fashion Obsessed Woman Should Consider ...


7 Coolest Careers in Fashion Every Fashion Obsessed Woman Should Consider ...
7 Coolest Careers in Fashion Every Fashion Obsessed Woman Should Consider ...

Careers in Fashion are cool, glamorous but, unfortunately too popular which means you’ll have to work very hard and know a lot of people if you want to join fashion industry’s crème de la crème. Now, many people believe all careers in fashion require knowing everything there is to know about trends and brands but it’s not really true so I guess it’s safe to say talent, knowledge, skills and, for some careers, looks count as well. So, check out these popular, incredibly cool careers in fashion and see for yourself! Who knows, maybe one of these turns out to be your ideal job!

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One of the most popular fashion jobs and the first thing people usually think about whenever careers in fashion are mentioned is, of course, modeling! Now, being a model isn’t easy ladies and if you’re a Top Model fan, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. You need to have the right height, right body, right weight right face, right hair and what’s right in the fashion world often isn’t “right” for you. For those willing to work hard, modeling can be a very cool, not to mention incredibly glamorous and well paying job. Every man dreams about dating a model and every woman dreams about being one but let’s not forget all that media exposure, plenty of chances to meet famous people, high paying contracts and, oh, all that fabulous designer clothes!


Fashion Photographer

But, let’s not forget fashion photographers as we have these people to thank for all those wonderful posters and photos of bags, clothes or outfit suggestions. These people matter a lot, sometimes even more than models because they are the ones responsible for turning a vision into a reality. Fashion Photographers can get pretty famous (not to mention quite rich as well) and the best thing is that they don’t have to “belong” anywhere or to anybody but take up individual jobs instead.


Fashion Buyer

Speaking about careers in fashion, here’s one fashion-related job you’ll adore! You see ladies, fashion buyers actually get paid to shop! Now, isn’t that one awesome job? Certainly but in order to be hired as a fashion buyer, you’ll need to know everything there is to know about fashion. Fashion buyers can predict trends but they also have good knowledge of business and the combination of these two helps them negotiate better terms as well as supply cooler items to be sold in a certain shop. Fashion Buyers working for high end shops or web shops certainly have a glam lifestyle because they attend many fashion shows, get to be the first ones to see all of those fabulous designer items and, oh, how about all those free samples?


Fashion Stylists

Let’s say you’re a celeb – Well, your fashion stylist would, in that case, be something like a fashion buyer + which means he not only knows a lot about popular trends and designers but has the ability to mix and match them in a way that will make you are the star of the evening. Pretty cool job, indeed! In fact, I think this one might be one of my favorite careers in fashion! Celebrity stylists are the most popular and probably earn the most, too, although that doesn’t mean you can’t be one unless you move to Holywood! TV stations hire stylists, magazines hire stylists, web shops hire stylists and, if you have what it takes to be one, you can certainly make a career out of it regardless of where you live.


Fashion Blogger

Interested to know more about cool, popular careers in fashion? Well, have you considered fashion blogging? Being a fashion blogger for a well-known website can’t pay your rent but it could secure you one seat for the next big fashion show and that, my ladies, is a perk worth mentioning. But what if I throw in free designer goodies or a chance to handpick the stuff you want to take home with you? Yeah, pretty awesome, I know! So, if you love to write just as much as you love fashion start browsing, as fashion bloggers are, indeed, one very wanted category of writers!


Fashion Designer

But since the world of fashion wouldn’t exist without those creative geniuses we call designers, mentioning them too would be the only fair thing to do! Now, I don’t really need to tell you why designing clothes, bags, shoes and accessories is glamorous and profitable – do I? The road that leads to the top is not always the easiest one to take but, once people start wearing and loving your products, you’ll realize the travel was well worth it. Now, let’s not get too carried away as being a designer doesn’t mean only designing clothes for big companies. Quite contrary! Some designers are responsible for designing fabrics, some design accessories, some costumes and, although their names might not be as well known as Galliano or Lagerfeld, they also bring a lot to the industry!



If you thought Public Relations have nothing to do with fashion, you’re up for a very big surprise! Every brand has PRs and they are often both the voice and the face of the company. Company’s PRs deal with media and they must work very hard on the image of the company they represent which of course means dressing up, meeting with popular people, being under the spot light. Not bad at all and I guess the same could be said for the salary!

Ah, I bet millions of people dream about having successful careers in fashion! I can’t blame them, I do too! What do you think? Aren’t these careers in fashion fabulous?

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