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How to do Laidback Style at the Office ...

By Cassandra

With so many spring trends hitting the runway (and the streets), playing dress up is actually relaxing and fun! But when you add the office into the mix, things can get a little tricky. If you've ever wondered how you can express your style at work without crossing the line, this ultimate fashion guide to casual office style has got you covered.

Table of contents:

  1. Start by pairing a pencil skirt with a casual top
  2. Dress up your jeans with a blazer and pointed flats for a quick (but cute) fix
  3. Try a cozy sweater and festive blouse combo
  4. You can wear colored pants—as long as you tone the look down
  5. Wear a fun print with a bright manicure
  6. Tailored trousers and killer heels are definite must-haves
  7. Flirty cardigans and edgy metal cap toe shoes are the perfect match
  8. Accessories make a major difference
  9. Pumps + a line shapes instantly add class to any outfit
  10. Bold jewelry and bright bags make fabulous statement pieces
  11. Throw a blazer over your sweater and rock with dark jeans
  12. A pencil skirt in a super fun print shows that you mean business but also know how to have fun
  13. Try wearing a loose fitting blouse with ankle jeans (just make sure that your top isn't sheer)
  14. Rock neutral colors with a sexy leopard print bag and pointed heels
  15. You can dress your nude trousers up or down depending on the (work appropriate) shirt you wear
  16. From the stylish trench jacket, plaid shirt to the statement shoes, this is business casual done right
  17. Stripes are ridiculously versatile and can be worn with almost anything
  18. Break up your monotone look with a pop of color
  19. The cotton blazer and grey hobo bag are a nice touch
  20. A simple long sleeved jumper will always be effortlessly chic
  21. Take note of how sharp the plum jacket, tailored pants and casual top combo looks
  22. Layer a crew-neck jumper over a button down shirt and rock with black skinny jeans
  23. Your cardigan and bag choice can really make your outfit
  24. High waisted pants are always a good idea
  25. Knee high boots and a simple tunic will work wonders
  26. Tuck your cute top into your trousers
  27. Your t shirt and jeans look is in for a major makeover
  28. Pull out your little black dress with bold heels
  29. Layer your plaid shirt over your all black ensemble
  30. A bright top will definitely stand out more when paired with neutrals
  31. Add some pizzazz to your midi skirt with a pair of cute heels and a statement bag
  32. Neutrals stike again! match your shoes to your outfit
  33. Nothing screams fun like polka dots
  34. Whip out your clutch and leopard print heels
  35. Printed pants are so vogue
  36. A nautical theme is sweet and classy
  37. Put your color blocking skills to the test
  38. Keep it nice and simple by wearing a shift dress, sexy heels and spicy accessories
  39. An artsy scarf can seriously take your outfit to the next level
  40. Get ready for your lunch date in a light colored blazer with white pants
  41. Break up your outfit with a stylish clutch
  42. Wideleg pants are incredibly versatile
  43. This wrap skirt and thigh high boot combo is everything
  44. Get ready to drool over this red blazer and trendy bottoms
  45. Mix and match patterns based on a specific color palette
  46. The little black dress is the ultimate statement piece
  47. Wear your a line skirt with a trendy wide belt

1 Start by Pairing a Pencil Skirt with a Casual Top

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2 Dress up Your Jeans with a Blazer and Pointed Flats for a Quick (but Cute) Fix

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3 Try a Cozy Sweater and Festive Blouse Combo

Source: 15 Fall Outfit Ideas With

4 You Can Wear Colored Pants—as Long as You Tone the Look down

Source: Women’s Clothing | Fashion Careers

5 Wear a Fun Print with a Bright Manicure

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6 Tailored Trousers and Killer Heels Are Definite Must-haves

Source: New York Fashion Week's best-travelled

7 Flirty Cardigans and Edgy Metal Cap Toe Shoes Are the Perfect Match

Source: Somervell Necklace

8 Accessories Make a Major Difference

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9 Pumps + a Line Shapes Instantly Add Class to Any Outfit

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10 Bold Jewelry and Bright Bags Make Fabulous Statement Pieces

11 Throw a Blazer over Your Sweater and Rock with Dark Jeans

Source: 35 Fashionable Work Outfits For

12 A Pencil Skirt in a Super Fun Print Shows That You Mean Business but Also Know How to Have Fun

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13 Try Wearing a Loose Fitting Blouse with Ankle Jeans (Just Make Sure That Your Top Isn't Sheer)

Source: 32 Cool Summer Work Outfits

14 Rock Neutral Colors with a Sexy Leopard Print Bag and Pointed Heels

Source: Top Five Fashion Trends to

15 You Can Dress Your Nude Trousers up or down Depending on the (Work Appropriate) Shirt You Wear

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16 From the Stylish Trench Jacket, Plaid Shirt to the Statement Shoes, This is Business Casual Done Right

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17 Stripes Are Ridiculously Versatile and Can Be Worn with Almost Anything

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18 Break up Your Monotone Look with a Pop of Color

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19 The Cotton Blazer and Grey Hobo Bag Are a Nice Touch

Source: Work Chic: 25 Winter Office-Worthy

20 A Simple Long Sleeved Jumper Will Always Be Effortlessly Chic

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21 Take Note of How Sharp the Plum Jacket, Tailored Pants and Casual Top Combo Looks

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22 Layer a Crew-Neck Jumper over a Button down Shirt and Rock with Black Skinny Jeans

Source: Get this look for $67+

23 Your Cardigan and Bag Choice Can Really Make Your Outfit

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24 High Waisted Pants Are Always a Good Idea

Source: 31 Voguish Combination Ideas for

25 Knee High Boots and a Simple Tunic Will Work Wonders


26 Tuck Your Cute Top into Your Trousers

Source: 7 Office Wear Ideas &

27 Your T Shirt and Jeans Look is in for a Major Makeover

Source: How to be the Best

28 Pull out Your Little Black Dress with Bold Heels

Source: How to look polished and

29 Layer Your Plaid Shirt over Your All Black Ensemble

Source: 20 Style Tips On How

30 A Bright Top Will Definitely Stand out More when Paired with Neutrals

Source: 40 Unboring Work Outfit For

31 Add Some Pizzazz to Your Midi Skirt with a Pair of Cute Heels and a Statement Bag

Source: Summer Fashion Trend 2014

32 Neutrals Stike Again! Match Your Shoes to Your Outfit

Source: What to wear to work

32 Nothing Screams Fun like Polka Dots

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33 Whip out Your Clutch and Leopard Print Heels

Source: Smartly Dressing Business Casual Attire

34 Printed Pants Are so Vogue

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35 A Nautical Theme is Sweet and Classy

Source: Hello, Gorgeous!: Summer Wind Down

36 Put Your Color Blocking Skills to the Test

Source: 40 Unboring Work Outfit For

37 Keep It Nice and Simple by Wearing a Shift Dress, Sexy Heels and Spicy Accessories

Source: What to wear for sorority

38 An Artsy Scarf Can Seriously Take Your Outfit to the Next Level

Source: Feather Print So Soft Spring

39 Get Ready for Your Lunch Date in a Light Colored Blazer with White Pants

Source: 44 Professional and Sophisticated Office

40 Break up Your Outfit with a Stylish Clutch

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41 Wideleg Pants Are Incredibly Versatile

Source: Widelegs and Windowpanes - MEMORANDUM

42 This Wrap Skirt and Thigh High Boot Combo is Everything

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43 Get Ready to Drool over This Red Blazer and Trendy Bottoms

Source: 19 Chic Sweatpant Looks to

44 Mix and Match Patterns Based on a Specific Color Palette

Source: Veronika's Blushing: September 2012

45 The Little Black Dress is the Ultimate Statement Piece

Source: Black Dresses Ready For New

46 Wear Your a Line Skirt with a Trendy Wide Belt

Source: The Best Colors for Office

Would you rock any of these looks to the office? Let us know in the comments below!

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