8 Ways to Reinvent Your Look ...

If you’re stuck in the winter doldrums, and need a change, why not use one of the dozens of ways to reinvent your look? Refreshing your look isn’t difficult, and it can mean the difference between an end of winter with style, and an unendurably dull last 6 weeks before spring. Here are 8 ways to reinvent your look.

1. Find a Style Icon

The first of my many ways to reinvent your look is actually the one that will take the most thought, and least actual action: you need to find a style icon or two to emulate, or use for inspiration. I love Grace Kelly for her impeccable lady-like dress sense, but I adore Kate Hudson’s boho-chic style… so I’ve used both of them as inspiration when I need to refresh my look. I ask myself, what would Grace or Kate wear?