8 Ways to Reinvent Your Look ...


8 Ways to Reinvent Your Look ...
8 Ways to Reinvent Your Look ...

If you’re stuck in the winter doldrums, and need a change, why not use one of the dozens of ways to reinvent your look? Refreshing your look isn’t difficult, and it can mean the difference between an end of winter with style, and an unendurably dull last 6 weeks before spring. Here are 8 ways to reinvent your look.

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Find a Style Icon

The first of my many ways to reinvent your look is actually the one that will take the most thought, and least actual action: you need to find a style icon or two to emulate, or use for inspiration. I love Grace Kelly for her impeccable lady-like dress sense, but I adore Kate Hudson’s boho-chic style… so I’ve used both of them as inspiration when I need to refresh my look. I ask myself, what would Grace or Kate wear?


Empty Your Makeup Bag

Before you rush out to Sephora or the Mac counter for a makeup consultation, empty your makeup bag and see what you already have that you can use for your new look, and what needs to go. Chances are, you need to ditch the outdated lippie and blush, and update to a new lip shade and a bronzer. But maybe you can still use your favorite eyeliner and mascara.


Focus on Your Skin

As styles and fads change, one thing remains the same: the appeal and glamor of gorgeous, glowing skin! As you reinvent or update your look, focus on your skin care regimen. Make sure to add an SPF lotion to your morning routine, and why not try a new tinted moisturizer?


Update Your Accessories

Updating your look can really be as simple, sometimes, as updating your accessories! Add a handbag in a lush, tropical-inspired coral color, a few new pairs of gladiators, wedges, or stilettos, and a chunky necklace or two. It’s amazing how much change these simple adds to your accessories collection can make!


Try the Ombre Trend

Whether you’re looking to update your closet, hair, or nails, the ombre trend can help. Wear an ombre maxi dress on your beach holiday, or rock ombre nails the next time you do a mani or pedi. If you’re feeling like making a more permanent change, ask your stylist for Jessica Alba’s ombre hair color, with dark roots blending gradually to her light ends.


Have an Arm Party!

Remember when I mentioned refreshing your look with a few new accessories? This is a corollary to that: try an arm party, a stack of eye-catching, glittery, glam bracelets! Want more detailed instructions on how to host an arm party of your own? Our own fashion guru, Sophia, shares the scoop here: jewelry.allwomenstalk.com.


Switch to Contacts

If your specs are a little outdated, you can opt for new frames (nerd chic is in!) or make the switch to contacts. If you are going to try contacts, why not up the reinvent-your-look ante and try colored contacts? Haven’t you ever wondered what you’d look like with green eyes, or grey, or blue?


Change Your Part

Finally, my last tip, the easiest one to implement, and the one that, believe it or not, will get noticed for sure, though no one will be able to pinpoint exactly what it is you’ve changed. That’s right: changing the side you part your hair on will make a big difference in your look… try it! Most women rock the right-hand part, so next time you style your hair, try a left-side part.

Now that you’ve seen my list of ways you update your look, which of these are you going to do first? The ombre hair? The arm party? The left-side part? Or do you have another easy way to change your look you’d like to share?

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I want to start wearing heels but they're soooooooo uncomfortable!

Is there such thing as having prescribed/colored contacts?

If so, where may I find them?

@Dominique Maria Brindley thanks

You can get them, usually you go to the optometrist and they will give you trial ones and then order them in for you.

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