Essential Summer Fashion Pieces for Petite Women ...


Essential Summer Fashion Pieces for Petite Women ...
Essential Summer Fashion Pieces for Petite Women ...

Looking for some essential summer fashions for petite women? You are not the only one. Many petites feel like they are wearing drapes instead of clothes!

Would you like some tips on how to look cute, in style and be cool during the summer hot weather? Then, watch the following video all about essential summer fashions for petite women.

Published on Jun 4, 2018

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High-waisted Jean Shorts

These may be found on The videographer wears hers all of the time and gets complimented.


Linen Top

Pair with jean shorts. These look really cute. The videographer found her's at Marshall's.


Platform Shoes

These have a "tall" effect.


Cute Summer Dresses

Babydoll dresses look really good on petites. The videographer likes Urban Outfitters for these.


Flowy Formal Dresses Are Good, Especially in Summer Colors Nice for Graduations and Weddings


Circle Purses

Accessorize with a pair of shoes.


Net Purses

In style. Store a beach towel, lotion or even fruit as a statement.


White Bathing Suits

Make sure it's well-padded so as not see through.

Finally, the videographer suggests for any of the clothes, shoes and accessories you are searching for.

All of the above are super tips for making the petite feel like they are a Barbie!

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